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Default Hacked Fridge - Update!
5 new features added!!!

1) Giant Vegetables
You can now put in your fridge all 4 maxis Giant Vegetables:

Giant Vegetable will give you more vegetables in less space!

Each Giant Vegetable will take place of 4 slots in the fridge
But you can use 1 Giant Vegetable as 12 small vegetable
So If you put 37 Giant Vegetables in your fridge:
They will take (4*37=) 148 slots but they will give you (37*12=) 444 vegetables!!!

please remember that only after using all the 12 pieces of each giant vegetable
the 4 slots in the fridge will be free again

* Sims will use Regular vegetables & Giant vegetables RANDOMLY for their meals!

2) Yogurts!
Sims can eat yogurts!
Just go to the store and buy yogurts from the new display that I made workable for you.
Original Graphic:

3) Milk
sims can buy milk bottles, and they can drink milk from the fridge!
add some hunger and some fun!

Each milk bottle has 1000 ml = 1 Liter
After drinking 100 ml will be reduced,
After drinking all 1000 ml - the bottle will be removed from the fridge and make some space:
Please see the GIF how milk works:

4) Quick Meals!

Your sims need to buy them on store!
quick meals can be cooked ONLY in maxis microwave or maxis toasteroven...

5) maxis meal - changed it's name to Meat&Vegtables

sims can not use microwaves to cook this meal
becouse making meat on micro is weired...

It took me a lot of time to make all this!
I hope you enjoy!

Credits: (For display counters)
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