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Default Sims 4 100 Werewolf Baby Challenge *Requires Werewolves and Cottage Living*
Sims 4 100 Werewolf Baby Challenge
by friendlyArtist

- Requires Cottage Living and Werewolves.
- Be on Normal Lifespan. This is important.
- You may cheat for a house but leave the money making up to your sim. You may also have a mod that supplies Child Support if you want. Sim may not get a normal job but can leave to collect items in the immediate area. Founder/Heir may only leave when there is a teen in the house.
- When toddlers reach 3 in all skills, age them up. For kids and teenagers, it is when they reach grade A in their schooling. Just like the normal challenge.
- Move out all YA children except for your heir.
- Play with Simple Living on. You can farm food thanks to Cottage Living and hunt for food as a werewolf. Fish is a good option as you can eat it raw.
- Use a wheel or some dice to determine how many kids you have. I recommend using MC Command Center to change how many kids you have manually.
- Most of all, have fun! Your score is how many werewolf kids you have out of your 100 babies!
- If you want, go until you have 100 werewolf babies in total.
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