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Default Help adding interactions with animations
So I'm trying to recreate the Time Travel Machine from the Sims 3, using the wormhole generator from Get to Work. I've managed to add a new interaction to it, but there is no animation, the sim just get's a moodlet [IMG][/IMG]
This is as far as I think I can get on my own.

There are a lot of things I want to eventually add, including most if not all of the interactions from the Sims 3. For now though I just want to figure out how to animate it, I want to use the animations from the Travel to alien world interaction, but instead of going to Sixam it's just a rabbit hole. Go in, maybe have some storytelling choices (think like with the rocket or the hidden worlds) then you come out and you have a reward or something. I also want the interaction locked until you upgrade the portal, just like the travel to Sixam interaction.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, maybe link a tutorial, I'd be thankful. This is the first time I've really tried modding, and while I'm not really good at it yet, I'm really enjoying what I've done so far.
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heya you have no animation referenced you need to reference an animation like as follows under the outcome, actions part of the tuning.

<V n="animation_ref" t="enabled">
<U n="enabled">
<T n="factory">213301<!--spells_Spellcasting_Succeed_CastForward--></T>

213301<!--spells_Spellcasting_Succeed_CastForward--> This is a link to the animation xml you want to use.

Hope that helps
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