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Default Multiple werewolf "types"?
So, this would be my first coding mod, and I have zero idea what I'm doing. I don't know if this is a project I could even tackle, or where to begin. But, is there a way to create a new werewolf-only trait, which would change the werewolf behaviors contextually? Such as, Trait A keeps all werewolf actions such as hunting in a pack (or alone) or howling, all of that is the same as the default. With trait B, they are all renamed, and have slightly different options like a new loot table for "hunting". These traits would be mutually exclusive, and maybe eventually have cross-trait interactions, such as rivalries. I'd also like there to be some way to change the sound of the howl, ideally by clicking or shift-clicking the sim and opening a menu to select different howl types.

I'm pretty quick, so even if I'm given a fairly basic explanation of how to do these things I could probably figure something out, but because I'm still an absolute beginner I would really appreciate an in-depth explanation if someone has the time and energy for it. There is no detail too small, simple, or basic to leave out. I took a course on Python years ago and I forgot 100% of it, lol.

(I decided I didn't want to pursue making this mod after all so I no longer really need answers, but if someone wants to answer anyway that's fine)
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