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Default Aspirations On Mac
Hello! So I recently have been trying to get aspirations from TS2 into TS4 but there is one aspiration in the wrong category. I am running on Mac and I searched up how to make a custom aspiration and it said download "Mod Constructor". I cannot run this because I am not on Mac. I already tried things like PlayOnMac and Crossover, but I had no luck. I just need a custom trait that is like a reward trait thing (I think it is called that), icon, and name. The icon I have a file of and the name of the category thing I
want is "Life"

Email = [email protected] (it's hide my email)

Thank you!
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Did you try Parallels? Crossover is quite picky with apps.
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Hi, I use Mac and I highly recommend just downloading Sims 4 Studio and making aspirations directly. ModConstructor works for sure but it's easier and better in the long run to make them by hand.
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