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The Saint and sinner legacy challenge
Heys it's Mae Lynn I wanted to make a challenge and saw the a few times but when I did it was missing things for some gens so I wanted to fix it and make it easier to understand

[I] this is a little back story on the sims you must make for the legacy saint and sin are twins they are what keep the world in order because you can't have one without the other
but because of the bad acts to the children of the gods they were sent down to earth to produce children to fix what they broke. As much as they didn't want to go to earth they didn't have a choice in the matter so to earth they went to fix the problems they had made before I start here are the ground rules for your starter sims in the first gen HAVE TO BE TWINS it is a big part of the challenge also you can have a starter home but it has the be a small three bedroom two bath, the money you start with it 15K no more no less. YOU NEED THE ROYALTY MOD FOR THE LEGACY BECAUSE SAINT AND SIN ARE GODS/GODDESS

NOTE; NO MATTER WHICH HAS THE CHILDREN FOR THE NEXT-GEN SAINTS WILL ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN SINNERS ARE NOT BUILT TO CARE FOR OTHERS, ALSO TWINS ARE ALWAYS THE HEIR TO THE NEXT-GEN BECAUSE OF THE WAY THE CHALLENGE WORK. ps. I'm sorry I know twins are hard to have for some simmers ps. the colors white and black are used a lot because they are used the make two different colors look cute
- wicked whims
- red appleNET
- Royalty mod

WRATH TRAITS ARE; hot-headed, evil, and love the outdoors
- wrath does not get a job because they hate the people of the earth
- they can help make money by fishing and collecting gems
- You must complete the elements collection and max out fishing
- wrath's coloring is red, grey, and black
- wrath Must have a one-night stand that ends in them getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant

PATIENCE TRAITS ARE; family-orientated, kind, and clumsy
- patience must have the writing career
- must write two books one in their young adult years and adult years
- must max out the writing skill and get to level ten in the writing career
-Patience colors are blue, brown, and white

ENVY TRAITS ARE Kleptomaniac, romantic and jealous
- envy wanted to be seen at home and with everyone they know because they feel left out so to fix this they
enter the criminal career thinking its the best way
- get to level 10 of the criminal career
- get into 5 different fights
- enemies to lovers marry one of the people you fight before you become an adult
Envies colors are green, gold and black
- Don't get pregnant if you do 'abortion the child '

KINDNESS TRAITS ARE kind. genius and ambitious
- kindness wants to help the world and finds the earth people beautiful so they join a political career and become a Charity organizer
- Does not become romance until they get to level 6 of their career and must marry someone from their job
- adopt one kid and has twins
- Kindness colors are yellow, pink, and white

GLUTTONY TRAITS ARE glutton, slob, and out-going
- because of their love of food they want to be a chef so they join the Chef branch and they must max this career out
- Max out cooking, baking, mixology, and garment cooking
- go on 3 dates where your sims cook for their date
- Can't get married but you can have a life partner
- Gluttony's colors are orange and black

TEMPERANCE TRAITS ARE erratic, perfectionist, and squeamish
- they get obsessed very easy so because of this they will have three different jobs one must be a part-time job when they are in their teen years the others are up to you
- one thing they are never tired of is painting so you must max out the painting skill
- get pregnant in your teen years which is part of why your job hops a lot
- Temperances colors are grey, turquoise, and white

LUST TRAITS ARE romantic, noncommittal, and hate children
- lust must complete the seral romantic asperation
- you will need wicked whims for the generation because she/he job is only fans if not you must woohoo 5 married sims
- have twin babies with grim or peeping tom
- get to a five-star cleby
- LUST colors ARE red and black

DISTASTE TRAITS ARE bookworm, cheerful and unflirty
- must have a bad relationship with their twins because they are upset with the way they are acting
- must not have a romantic relationship because they don't see the need in one
- must have three good friends and one of the three must move in with her and the sibling
- distaste colors are white and grey

SLOTHS TRAITS ARE lazy, slob, and mean
- must not have a job
- must not have kids
- must max out the video gaming skill and enter one torment and win
-SLOTH'S COLORS ARE blue and black

DILIGENCE TRAITS ARE self-assured, confident, and genus
- they have to hard work because the sibling is a lazy bit3h
-join the salary person career and max it out
- always hard work when you go to work
- marry a person who has kind traits and has a set of twins
DILIGENCE COLOR ARE brown and white

PRIDE TRAITS ARE high maintenance, perfectionist, and Ambitious
- join the acting career and become a five-star celebrity
- wins two rewards because of your acting
- max out the acting skill
- marry a celebrity and have kids
PRIDES COLORS ARE green, gold and black

HUMILITY TRAITS ARE neat, vegetarian, and good
- this gen is very lat back gen so they will not have a job
- must have two hobbies of your choice and max them out
- must take care of pride kids they are their own
- don't get married only have boyfriends/girlfriends at least two


This is the end of this legacy I don't plan to add more but I am thinking of new generations I hope you like the challenge and use the # saintsinners in the sims gallery so I can is you gens also if you have questions message me and I will answer but until then see you in the next challenge !!!! :P
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I plan on adding five more generations
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HEY I now have a tumblr @Dragonsimmers I posted a google doc which has a better version of this one please go and like and follow my tumblr I hope u like the more edited version ❤️ Also I changed some colors and some more things
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