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#1 Old 5th Nov 2022 at 8:40 PM
Default IDOLIZED - A KPOP Career Challenge
Ever wanted to be in a kpop idol group? Ever wanted to know what it was like to live that life? Try out this challenge to see if you have what it takes to be in that world. Starting from the bottom, you have to learn how to manage relationships and drama as you work toward reaching your dreams. Not only are familiar rules seen in many other challenges, there are also specified goals and events that will help or hinder your pathway to idolization. Some things will have to be part of the way you tell your story. Others will be easy to see with mods & cheats. This is NOT a legacy challenge! (Unless you want it to be, I suppose…)

Everything you need is here!

I am not an expert on Korean culture. I am only using the world of kpop as a setting for a playthrough of the Sims 4. That being said, I have put in a little research and reading to get plot ideas and information to be used during the playthrough. Here are some other kpop challenges that I used for ideas: KPop Group Challenge (2017) / Underdogs of KPop (based on BTS)

The google document has more information, along with a list of recommended mods and cheats if needed. Any feedback is appreciated, as I am in the process of testing this out. Let me know what you think, what can be different, what is good, etc!!

  • Max out all specified skills.
  • Become a five star celebrity
  • Achieve and keep a great reputation
  • Complete all sims’ aspirations.
  • Each member has their own mansion.
Add more to fit your playthrough!

Create the manager of the group. The body and clothes are up to you.
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: Any
  • Required Trait: Neat
  • Suggested Traits: Music Lover, Ambitious, Materialistic, Creative, Outgoing
  • Aspiration: Mega CEO+ / Fabulously Wealthy
  • Skills To Build: Logic, Media Production, Charisma, Instruments

Find a lot to move into.
Suggested Worlds: San Myshuno, Del Sol Valley

Create your dormitory and practice area. You can build your own or find a lot to place from the gallery.

Dormitory Build Rules
  • 2 Bedrooms (one for all members, one for manager). Manager’s room must be locked to the members.
  • 1 Bathroom for members
  • 1 Computer
  • 1 Instrument
  • 3 Skill Building Items related to: Fitness, Creative, Charisma
  • 1+ Bunk Beds (one single bed per member)
Banned Items
  • Televisions
  • Appliances (besides stove, refrigerator, sink)
  • Pets
Practice Area Build Rules
  • Dance Floor(s)
  • Stereo
  • Karaoke Machine
  • Mirror Wall

Create group members. Go to manage households to open CAS to add other members. Each member will have one required trait and one role trait, as the third will be up to you. Teens do not have a free trait. Traits can be on multiple sims.
  • Ages: Teen or Young Adult (must have at least 1 teen)
  • Gender: Any
  • Required Traits: Self-Assured or Creative
  • Aspirations: Musical Genius, Fabulously Wealthy, Any Popularity Aspiration (the recommended mod has a lot of options)
  • Role Traits:
    Leader: Outgoing, Loyal
    Vocalist: Music Lover, Perfectionist
    Dancer: Dance Machine, Active
    Visual: Self-Absorbed, Romantic
    Rapper: Overachiever, Gloomy
  • Use cheats to start with $1000. You can use MCCC or the money cheat built in.
  • If you have the DLC, create a club focusing on building specific skills: dancing, singing, any instrument, producing a new track, working out.
    The hangout can be your home or another place.

Find a job for everyone. The members must have a part time job to help fund the company. There may be mods out there you find will work.
Suggestions: Manager: Social Media, Freelancer / Members: Any Part Time Career, Freelancer
Banned: Video Game Streamer, Simfluencer

  • You must control social media. This is where the phone disable mod comes in handy. The manager is the only person to post on social media and gain followers.
  • You must build your relationship with members throughout the playthrough. Romantic relationships with the members is not banned, but it can affect morality!
  • You may produce a track or video once the members reach level 4 in their skills (listed in member rules) and your specific skills are level 3.

  • Members must wake up at 5AM every day, unless they have a part time job starting earlier. The time they go to bed is up to you, but the later the time, the worse they may feel.
  • Members must work on building these skills to level 4 before using the randomized event lists.

Use a number randomizer to make it more interesting! Each day at a certain time (during the day sometime), randomize a number and do that task. Some are positive to boost your skills, fame, and money, but some will have a negative effect. Some are related to the industry, some are related to personal goals. For individual events, you can have one time for each member, or you can affect one member multiple times. Managers are exempt unless stated.

Example Events (full table is in the document)
  • Individual Photoshoot
  • Extra Skill Lesson
  • Debt Payment
  • Sasaeng Fan
  • Rich Investor
Test Subject
#2 Old 8th Mar 2023 at 3:43 AM
I know it's pretty old, but I passed around to some people that like KPOP in the brazilian Sims community. Good challenge.
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#3 Old 11th Mar 2023 at 4:27 PM
Quote: Originally posted by RenatoDias
I know it's pretty old, but I passed around to some people that like KPOP in the brazilian Sims community. Good challenge.

Thanks for the feedback! I know there is a mod for a KPOP inspiration, but that was updated after I made this. Still, I think it's generalized enough to still work!
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