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Default What If I Want To Make a "Magic Maze House" Mod?

I am in a modding mood and since I'm somewhat new to modding my own custom scripts and stuff like that, would it be possible to mod in a house that actively changes it's layout every time a Sim goes down it's halls? Is that even possible?

I imagine it a bit like Hogwarts stairs combined with the Winchester Mystery House and I would love anyone's thoughts or feedback on my idea. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I suppose people viewing this might be confused. That’s fine… I was thinking of having this idea be like, when Sim A goes to Point A, the game detects that somehow and then randomizes the walls/props/lighting/etc. so that when the Sim tries to go back to that starting point, they will have to find another way out of that section. And yes, I am one of those types of players who absolutely love torturing their Sims.
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