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#1 Old 26th Dec 2022 at 3:30 AM Last edited by bnefriends : 26th Dec 2022 at 4:41 PM. Reason: Adding link to download
Default Nookington's
Last year I created a lot based on Nookington's from Nintendo's Animal Crossing franchise, but it wasn't quite up to par for inclusion at MTS. One of the biggest issues was that last year's version was too boxy and too large, so I created a new one that is smaller and a little less boxy.

This Nookington's store features groceries and other miscellaneous merchandise on the first floor, along with a hair salon based on Shampoodle, food stands, an asset protection office (for realism, also this lot is part of a fan fiction series in which Nookington's infamously enforces a zero tolerance policy for shoplifters), an employee break room, a check out counter, restrooms and an empty delivery truck intended as storage space. The second floor features clothing, furniture, and rugs like on the first edition of Animal Crossing, as well as a storage area. Since the Able Sisters made clothing for Tom Nook's Shop in the original Animal Crossing, there is signage advertising the Able Sisters brand. The third floor features a manager's office, orientation room, and restrooms. Outdoors one will find the parking lot, vending machines, a play area for children, and a bench.

I left the manager's office and AP office rather bland so that one can decorate them to their liking. The orientation room features fixtures from SimWardrobe/Paladin's Place that, as I understand, needs to be linked to vs. included due to that now-defunct site's reuse policy, but feel free to enlighten me if that is incorrect. I created the rest of the custom content myself, using intellectual property of Nintendo and Sodexo (the CrossRoads signs above the food stations) under fair use as non-commercial parody/satire.

I admit, I'm a n00b as an MTS creator, so I'd appreciate any feedback.

Edit: The lot can be downloaded for examination from https://disk.yandex.com/d/pO49TGPuwVyicQ
#2 Old 5th Jan 2023 at 10:27 AM
I am not familiar with Animal Crossing, but it has a nice exterior.
Is that second elevator supposed to lead nowhere or is there supposed to be an exit in that grey section on the ground floor?
on the second floor there is some bare wall. I took some photos of the madness I collected within the few minutes I looked around.
nice work on the signs, but it seems that they aren't packaged with the lot as in my game it was all defaulted to the standard images.
that little garden out front is popular with the fluffy critters.
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#3 Old 7th Jan 2023 at 1:55 AM
Thank you for the feedback. Here is the custom content in a .tar file (I meant to include this initially and forgot, d'oh!): https://disk.yandex.com/d/HIVPAijRi0nF5A

That room that the second elevator leads to is meant to be a delivery truck, functionally it's there for storage (I'm especially thinking of craftable things in OFB). I envision it as an employees only area. If it is thought that it would be better with out it I can get rid of it. I should probably point out that I intend for there to be a factory full of crafting tables to be created at a later date and for it to compliment this lot (in my game every subhood gets a Nookington's or a Nookway, although I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my megahood and so far this is all I have; each time I rebuild this gets better), somehow it seems like it will be a good idea to have some storage area for craftables but honestly I haven't gotten that far in my tinkering. If someone doesn't want the factory, crafting tables could be set up in the storage area.
#4 Old 7th Jan 2023 at 7:16 AM
The truck idea could work, I'm thinking like the trailer apartments lot.
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