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Default Base Game Compatible Ghost Town Challenge Lite
This is an adaptation of The Ghost Town Challenge to allow for players who just have base game and no mods. The rules are simplified and only involve the current generation. I will post more generations as updates to this thread as I go. I'm also going to start a parallel series with just Base Game, no mods, no cheats as an example and will update the thread with the playlist.

The Ghost Town Challenge Reboot Episode


Growing up as an orphan living in foster care, you cling to any attention you can get as a child. Having a family and caring for children becomes your main goal in life. Living next to the water, you spend most of your time swimming and playing with your foster siblings and have little interest or trust in technology.

When you’re finally ready to leave the foster home, you decide to start a family as soon as possible by adopting some foster kids of your own. Home cooked healthy meals, lots of exercise and family games fill your days with simple activities free from the pushy advertisements on TV. Your children do their chores and pitch in by fishing and creating trinkets to sell at yard sales. You teach them eco responsibility by living off-the-grid and respecting the environment.

  • Start out with a legacy sim as a baby or toddler living with an adoptive family with just 1 adult and no teenagers.
  • Only control the legacy sim and that sim’s children.
  • No one may have a job or earn money except toddlers and children.
  • You may use more than starting funds if the legacy family pays it back later.
  • Any sim that becomes a teenager must move out.
  • You may add more babies, toddlers and children at any time and by any method.

Growing Up
  • As a toddler, have the clingy trait and max all toddler skills
  • As a child, select the Child of the Islands Trait (Island Living - Sub Active)
  • As a child, complete the social butterfly aspiration
  • As a teenager, choose the maker trait (Eco Lifestyle - Sub Creative)
  • Move out as a teenager. You may take any babies, toddlers or children with you or create new ones in CAS as siblings of the founder.
  • You can choose to dropout of high school or just don’t go.
  • If you have Parenthood, earn the positive value for empathy and negative value for emotional control.

Lot Settings
  • A starting house can be purchased, but after that, nothing else can be purchased from build/buy mode. It must be made or found.
  • Home Lot Type: Residential
  • Must live in Sulani if you have Island living. If not, choose Oasis Springs and you must purchase a pool big enough to swim around.
  • Lot Traits: Island Spirits (Island living - Sub Bracing Breezes), On Ley Line (City Living - No Sub)
  • Lot Challenges: Off-the-Grid (cannot use electronics while on a different lot)
  • Neighborhood Action Plans (cheat to set): Power Conservation, Free Love, Water Conservation, Back to the Old Days (Eco Lifestyle - No sub)
  • Must have a bookcase with children and toddler books and no TV

Gen 1 Adult Goals
  • Choose the family oriented trait and avoid the sad moodlet from missing family. Entire family must always travel as a group except children may attend school. You have to age up babies to leave the lot, but you don’t have to wait for their birthday.
  • Purchase Reward Store Traits: Always Welcome, Fertile, Observant, Shameless, Steel Bladder
  • Have at least 4 children living at home at all times or be pregnant
  • Be good friends with all family members.
  • Complete the Super Parent Aspiration (Parenthood - Sub Big Happy Family)
  • Set initial likes to Handiness, Island Music, Island Decor and dislikes to Video gaming, DJ Booth Music, Cosmolux Decor. (Island Living and Dream home decorator - No Sub)
  • Choose any 1 like and 1 dislike for color and clothing style.
  • Accept all other likes/dislikes as they pop up.
  • If you have Island Living:
    • become a mermaid
    • clean up the islands
    • Marry a spirit of Sulani
  • If you don’t have Island Living:
    • Your only form of exercise is swimming, but you must swim daily to keep the “needs exercise” tense moodlet away
    • Marry another active sim
  • If you have Snowy Escape
    • cheat to set the lifestyles Technophobe, Health Food Nut and Energetic.
  • If you do not have Snowy Escape
    • avoid all electronics
    • cook only healthy foods like salad and fish
    • swim laps at least once a day
  • Pay off family debt if you cheated for starting funds.
  • Play with wants and fears on. Resolve fears without fear-be-gone potions, but use want refreshers for impossible wants.

Money making
Any toddlers/children may sell any items they obtain or make. For dumpster diving, you may cheat to get the smog vacuum or use the buy mode exploit to sell the burnt items for Simoleons. You may use the selling table and retail lot functionality if you want and use the adult sims to sell items, but all of the items must be obtained by children or toddlers.
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