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#1 Old 18th Jan 2023 at 11:41 AM Last edited by lingeringwillx : 18th Jan 2023 at 6:15 PM.
Default PG12 mod for disabling woohoo and other risque interactions in the game
This game's romantic interactions can be a bit too much. There are times where I prefer to have a cleaner game, so I thought I could try to make a mod that disables these interactions.

Here is a look at what it does:
The main issue is that this mod is overriding a lot of resources, which causes it to conflict with other mods. The HCDU found conflicts between this mod and teen woohoo mods, as well as Lamare's LTW chooser.

1- InteractionsDisabler
Disables a variety of romantic interactions.
All woohoo interactions are disabled except for bed woohoo (cinematic is also disabled).
All make out interactions are disabled except for bed make out.
Some kissing and flirt interactions that I've deemed to be too much are also disabled .
A minor issue that I'm having is that I'm unable to find the object/interaction resources for the closet/closet woohoo in the objects.package.

2- LifetimeWantsHider
Removes the multiple woohoo and multi-dates LTWs from the list of possible LTWs. I think this one won't work well since it's possible that some sims have the LTW before the mod is installed. Also it's possible to choose any LTW using Lamare's LTW chooser.

3- MemoriesDeleter
This one goes over the sims memories and deletes a variety of pre-existing memories, including multiple woohoo, public woohoo, woohoo with NPC, and large number of loves.
I don't think that this causes corruption, does it?

4- MemoriesDisabler
This prevents sims from getting several memories, such as multiple woohoo, woohoo with NPC, large number of loves.
It only has a few because I thought if the interaction is already disabled then the sims won't get the memory anyway.

5- WantsDisabler
Disables a lot of wants. These include multiple woohoo, woohoo in several objects, multiple make outs, many dates/loves, etc.
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