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Default Remeshed Fence
EDIT by Numenor: This is an outdated thread. If you want to clone a fence, now Object Workshop can do it for you. Just follow THIS TUTORIAL at SimPE site.


I don't know if this is a absolutles lame thing, but I was working on a technique to recolor/remesh fences. If this is old stuff, hit me and ignore it

Before I explain how it is done, please test the attached sample Fence (which is very greenish :D).
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I was just going to dig into this and now you come up with that...
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dude, thats a neat fence, once you get the coloring down make it in white and that yellow khaki color. Would look good with some califonia style houses
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The colors are figured out
This is just a conceptual package, it is green on intention :D.
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i have currently the problem that the fence is invisible, i believe it's the group ID. I might be able to resolve it. be happy i'm currently occupied with other stuff ^^
good job, anyway!
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Yes, the CRES and the SHPE for fences need to be in the Global Group (0x1C0532FA), as the XFNC can'tr handle forced Relocations (so no ##0x12345678! in it).
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thanks for the help. I now just need to set the right groups in the xml (i've tried to set them to custom group, that's apparently wrong). I think I will just restore an existing XML and change the names. Thanks for your help, you're great.
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Dear Quaxi the fence works great in game even combined with maxis fences. Great Work thanks !
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Ok, here is a brief Description how to do this. This is a description for Modders, who know how to manually clone Objects/Skins.

The OW in the next SimPE can clone Fences automatically, but I still think it is important to know how to do it manually:

1. Open TsData/Res/Catalog/patterns/catpatterns.bundle.package
2. Find the Fence .xml for the Fence you want to clone, and exctract it.
3. The Fence Xml has three important properties. rail, diagrail, post and stringsetid. The first three contain a name for a cres Resource (without the _cres sufix), the last is the instance of the Text List describing the Fence in teh Catalog.
4a. Export the referenced Text List (stored in the same package as the Fence XML)
4b. Here is the difficult part. You have to collect the Resoruces described by the names in rail, diagrail and post from the Sims3d/obejctxx.packages. You also need to collect all Referenfced Scenegraph-Resources and extract them as well. (CRES->SHPE->GMND->GMDC, SHPE->TXMT->TXTR->LIFO)
5. If you collected all needed Files, create a new package, and import the Resources, you should now have at least:
1 x Fence Xml
1 x Text List
3 x ResourceNode (CRES)
3 x Shape (SHPE)
1 x MaterialDefinition (TXMT)
1 x Texture Image (TXTR)
3 x GeometryNode (GMND)
3 x GeometricDataContainer (GMDC)

6. Give your Scenegrpah-Resources unique names, and relink them, as you would do when manually cloning an Object. Take special care about the SHPE Resource, the name must be cresname_cresname_shpe where cresname is the name of the linking ResourceNode without the _cres suffix.
7. Update rail, diagrail and post to point to new unique cres-names (again without the _cres suffix), and put a new guid in the guid Property (do not register this Guid with the GUID Database yet, Fences are no objects in the traditional sence).
8. Set stringsetgroupid and resourcegroupid to 0xffffffff
9. Now set the Group for the Fence XMl and the imported TextList to 0xffffffff.
10. When all this is done, fire up the Scenegrapher Plugin, and make sure that all Resources are linked. Since the scenegrapher does not know about the Fence XML, you have to check the post, rail, diagrail Properties manually, to make sure that they refer to the correct CRES.
11. So far all Scenegraph Resources are in the Global Group, which is not a good idea. Unfortunatley, I have benn unable to put the CRES and SHPE Resources into the Custom Group 0x1c050000, so they have to stay global. However, all other Scenegraph Resources have to be put into the Custom Group 0x1c050000. Which Means you need the forced Relocations for the Resourcenames in the SHPE and the TXMT Resource.

That's it. I know this is a really brief description of the process, but if you ever did manually create a Object clone, you know how to collect the resources and how to relink them.
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A Version of this Fence with all Scenegraph-Resources in the correct Group can be found here:
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