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Default Making objects go down with walls !!!

I have a new problem for my gutters I made ...Someone requested I make them go down with walls so that they dissappear when you have walls down ...I have searched everywhere for the past 2 hours looking for this info ...Anyone know what bhavs I have to add in order to accomplish this ?
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Add the following line to the Init bhav:

[prim 0x0002] Expression (My 0x0008 (flags) Set Flag flag# Literal 0x000B (hide for cutaway))

Opcodes are 08000B00000903070000000000000000.

Though, are your gutters wall-mounted (like paintings)? If not, I'm not sure if 'hide for cutaway' flag will work If it will not, somehow, you might use 'obstructs view' flag instead - it is used, for example, by stairs, big trees, and ceiling lamps:

[prim 0x0002] Expression (My 0x0028 (flag field 2) Set Flag flag# Literal 0x0004 (Obstructs View))

Opcodes are 28000400000903070000000000000000.

Good luck
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no they are not wall mounted but I will try out the hide for cutaway first ....hopefully it works ...If not i guess i will have to use the other one ....Thank You !!!!!

nope didnt work with the hide for cutaway ....maybe if i add that it can be placed on walls ????
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Tigmomx4, did you delete then rebuy the gutters? Because the Init bhav is only loaded once (when bought). :D
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yes i went to a completely different lot and made a square house to test and they didnt dissappear when i put the walls down ..i think it is because the object isnt technically placed on a wall it is on the ground (cloned statue) and therefore when you select walls down it is not told to go down because it isnt on the wall ...Im wondering though if there is a way to make it "think" it is on a wall without having to redo the whole package ..
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hmm.... Well I think I remember seeing something about fade distance in the Material definition, I ended up having to change it because the plant in my office set kept fading until I changed it, but I can't remember what. Try having a look in that file and add some lines to material dif, except with opposite values of the fade one.
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there's also a bhav for making something stick to a wall (check out the numenor article on it in the modding InfoCenter here)
but I noticed that it's usually far easier to just reclone it from a painting, if you want it to go down with the walls.
If you clone it from a statue, I think that you need to make it 'require wall on back', and go down with walls, and *something else* I haven't figured out yet. But if you clone it from a painting, you just need to add the bhav for going down with walls.
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