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Default The Orphanage Challenge
Alternate versions on posts #22 by FrenchFlutie10_SC, #420 by theawesomeeclipse, #426 by Proxian_girl, and #442 by CrèmedelaCrème.

Hello people, I am here making my first Challenge thread to you guys, I just thought of this one today.

Goal: The main objective here is to adopt many children as you can and then grow them into teens until both of the parents are dead. The trick is raising them until they either go to college or move out as an adult. The point of this Challenge is that, to raise babies/toddlers/children until they age until teenagers, which you cannot move them our until they have been a teen for five days, just to give it a little more raising.

First, this Challenge may work alot better with a Gay/Lesbian couple, but it can also include opposite sex sims for those who don't want a same sex couple. BUT they must not ever have a baby, they can only adopt (Same with Same sex couples if you have Inteen).

You can use Motherlode cheat only ONCE, or familyfunds cheat but not any money above 50k. Reminder that you need enough money to adopt a child in the first place (I didn't know that so had to use it twice).
You cannot use any other cheats/hacks UNLESS you have to do it because of a bug. Or if you get a sim pregnant, use a hack or cheat to get rid of it because they don't count.

You can however use another family and give the children up for adoption if you prefer CAS children sims and not Maxis sims out of the adoption pool.

You are allowed to use a teenager/YA to adopt children, whicjh means you can use the let Teenagers adopt hack

You can only keep the two adults together and have them raised and adopt children until they have both died of oldness. If one were die before the other then the alive parent can remarry but not have kids.

Both Adults can have jobs, and you can use whatever service you like, Maid, Nanny etc. Teenagers can stay until they are almost 1 day becoming an adult but it would halt the amount of kids you adopt.

Aspiration rewards can be used but not the Life Exilar

When it comes to Lifetime want, you MAY do achieve their wants but for the wants such as 6 grandchildren or marry 6 children off, these teens/adults must be on another lot and used there. The heirs can have babies or adopt when out of the house.

You can start the parents off as married in the CAS or built their relationship up first.

The Challenge ends when both parents have reached Elderhood and died of oldness, or if both parents died in any lifestage. The Challenge also ends when the Social Worker comes and takes them away (Since you can't adopt more children after that)

5 points for every baby/toddler/child adopted

5 points for every child that gets a A+

5 points for every grandchild (Can only be achieved if said parent isn't on the same lot

5 points for each Teenager first kiss/Go Steady.

10 points for every good birthday (Which means you did a good job raising them)

10 points for every Toddler taught to walk

10 points for every toddler taught to talk

10 points for every toddler to potty train.

20 points for every child that becomes a teenager
20 points for every teenager that moves out or goes to college (You made a great parent).
10 points for 10 children adopted.
20 points for 20 children you adopted.
20 Points for every child that becomes best friends with either parent or both
30 points for 30 children you adopted (This could be possible)
30 points for each child that becomes either best friend or BFF with each of their sibling

40 points for every child that becomes BFF with either or both parents (Note, you need Freetime to become BFF with a sim.
50 Points for successfully raising children into teen after the parents death.

-5 points for every children that gets a D-
-5 points for each children that starves or is in the red zone.
-5 for every bad birthday (When they grow up badly)
-5 points for each teenager that cheats on thier lover
-5 points for each teenager that sneaks out and gets caught.
-10 points for every child that hates the parents
-10 pointas if one of the parent dies before they turn into an elder.
-50 points if the Social Worker takes the children away.

So good luck everyone, I hope you do well in this Challenge. This Challenge isn't like the sexlupets Challenge or family tree, the aim is to foster many children as you can before both parents die.

Also, if you end up getting a sim pregnant (Not allowing them to Whoohoo EVER is just cruel) then you can either use a hack to end the pregnancy (Inteen works and so do Insim but Insim won't work with Inteen) OR you can raise the child but they don't give you points because they weren't adopted.

Hope that's all the information you need. I am currently at 1 teenager and three children (The girl is about to become a teenager), I may adopt a toddler/baby next. My lesbian couple (Amy and Ella Foster) are doing well raising them. They are already BFF with the two oldest, the girl and the teenager boy.

Mods- Hope I did it right, this is my first posting of a challenge.
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This sounds like a fun challenge, I think I'll try it!
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Thank you, and don't forget to post pictures! I am looking forward to see how it turns out.

Unforently I think Ella and Amy have been erased since FT stopped working for me so I had to unistall it, but they are in Strangetown I think, and I saved the three main NH so I can copy and paste it back.
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I'll think I'll give this challenge a try, it sounds fun and very cute.
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Why didn't anyone post any pics of their adoption family? I would love to see them but it looks like no one has been on this thread since April. I'm starting this and I may post pictures of my family.
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Default My Foster Family Challenge Family- The Lee's
I just tried this challenge today and so far so good. I made Brenda and Elliot in CAS and they adopted little Kim as a baby. They also have adopted a little boy named, Colby. Will probably add more to the foster family next time I play. Thanks for this challenge.

Brenda, Elliott, and Baby Kim Lee

Brenda Lee (Wife)

Elliot Lee (Husband)

Baby Kim Lee

Kim as a Child
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I'm deffently going to give this a try after I finish one of the other Challanges I;m doing at the moment
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I might give this a go, If I finish my other challenges first. So far I've got 2 challenges on my list. Thanks for posting this!
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Hey, people are actually posting here lol, I didn't think anyone was going to post after like two or so months with no posting.

Anyway, I haven't done much with challenges lately, although I might think about doing this one again (The last Foster family got deleted with the rest of Strangetown)

My Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge: The Amberstones
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Um, okay. I have never adopted before. I'll could try adopting children as they turn to teens in five days so you could have more. However, they wouldn't get the toddler learning skills or as many good birthday points. A baby gets an extra birthday, but do they grow up well?
I shall try this and let you know what happens.
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You can also adopt babies and toddlers as well if you want, and yes babies can grow up well and learn skills (Although with Tods and not using maxmotives I can never get around to make a toddler do that, especially with twins)

My Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge: The Amberstones
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Default The Teen Family
I finally got around to starting this one. I just finished the deadbeat parents one. That is first time I played with a teen taking care of little ones without an adult. So, I decided to try this with teens. First, I discovered you can't have young adults adopt. The hack only works for teens.

Anyway I made my teens in CAS and their moms so I could move them in and then I had the moms move out when the paper arrived. They stayed outside talking and playing catch with each other until then.

Tomas and Tiffani Teen have adopted one toddler so far. I had Tomas miss the bus and use the toilet and paint for awhile and then call the nanny around 9:30. He was still backing out his car to go to school at 10, so the adoption agency social worker and the nanny arrived at the same time. I had to hire the nanny for just once or she said it didn't look like I needed one. When I tried to hire her and send both off on the bus, she arrived and said she wasn't needed and left. They now have the nanny tracking his schedule, but I had to remember to call the nanny again a second day and tell her that.

They have called to adopt another one as Emmy can grow up at 6 p.m. So for a while there will be two toddlers. However when one comes home from work, Emmy can have a cake and grow up.

Anyway, here are just a few pictures to show the family and house.
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I must say Emmy was the cutest and the latest it quite questionable in his looks. The teens have two children and two toddlers right now. The oldest toddler grows up tomorrow which is when I usually have them call for another, but I thought I'd take advantage of the weekend. So one arrived Saturday and another Sunday.

Both teens finally got the job of their dreams and poor Tomas needed four friends, but I didn't notice until he came home without a promotion. Oh well money isn't a problem. The youngest child has already maxed creativity, so they could always sell his paintings later if they need too.

No pictures tonight. I am on my laptop and playing the teens on my PC. Hope you all had a happy halloween.
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Just an update for you:

I've played the teens about 10 days. It's winter now. They have four children and two toddlers now. The oldest child, Emmy, turns to a teen in three more days I think.

I had planned to adopt every other day until I had the six child limit. However, I worried about the toddlers staying outside in the snow too long. (They have a porch and steps and the social worker drops them off outside on the front lawn.) Also, Tomas had a day off that I wanted to take advantage of.

So far all the toddlers have learned all skills, to include nursery rhymes. All the toddlers who grew to children were in platinum moods. All the children have learned to do homework, and the oldest have brought home A+ report cards.

The one child at a time aspect makes it a lot easier than the multiple toddler and baby challenges.

The toddlers make best friends with the one who called to adopt before growing up into children. Usually they are BFFs shortly after turning into children.

This is a fun challenge. I am enjoying it. Thanks.

I'll post pictures later in the week.
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Sounds like you are having fun,are those two married? Because if their not doesn't the child only go to the one that called the social worker? (Or is inteen out yet?)

My Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge: The Amberstones
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The child only goes to the one who calls. She called three times and he called three times. I plan to have them marry when they turn adults and add a bit of romance to the mix. The teens are six days from turning into adults I think.

I have learned that an older sibling can teach a younger one a nursery rhyme though. That is a really cute interaction.

Because the teens aren't married, when the kids want to talk to or play with a relative, I have to find the right sibling to click on for their wants to spin. I keep forgetting that they don't recognize the "roommate's" kids as their siblings.
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Ah I see, well when the new verison of Inteen comes out it should be easier to do.

My Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge: The Amberstones
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Default Emmy's a teen
All the tots are children now and Emmy is a teen.

I am thinking of letting Tiff and Tom go to uni now that there will be other teens there. They have fallen in love with each other without even a kiss. Uni would give them a chance to have some fun and go on dates without any kids for a while.

They have four days left as teens. They both want to go to uni and they are both afraid of not getting a higher education. I don't want them in the red, so if their wants and fears don't spin, I shall probably take a side trip to uni for awhile.

The kids already made BFs with their parents when they were tots. Most are already BFFs with them. Just the youngest need another day or two, so I am sure that score won't be affected.

I will wait until the last minute to decide.
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Tiff and Tom are the parents right? Well I guess you can sent them to Uni, just make sure you send them back the house when they become adults so they can contiune doing the challenge.

My Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge: The Amberstones
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#20 Old 11th Nov 2008 at 3:30 AM
Yes. I'd send Tiff and Tom to uni the day before Emmy moves out. After uni they would move back into the same house. I won't play that lot while they are at uni.

I often wish I didn't have uni because that takes so long to play, and the teens always want to go. If they didn't go into the red because not going is a fear, I'd ignore it.

But, have no fear, I shall return to finish the challenge. They won't raise 30 children because I started with toddlers, but they will rack up more points teaching them all the toddler skills.

I plan for them to adopt a dozen more as adults and another six as elders. Hopefully the first child adopted by the elders will age to a teen and raise the others when the elders die. That's the plan anyway - to adopt and raise two dozen successfully.
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Well I said I'd get back to them, and now, thanks to a mod to shorten time at University to a 24-hour semester, I am finally returning to this challenge.

Here's some pictures to recap the experience thus far. This picture shows Tiffani with the headmaster and the three oldest adoptees. Blonde Emmy was the first and shown previously in pictures. BJ is the boy and Shelby is the blonde dark-skinned sim.

Warren was the fourth to be adopted. You see him here spinning to change clothes to go inside after getting his A+ report card.

Then there was Armando, who arrived in a tux. He was quite cute.

He grew up while the headmaster was there.

Last was little red-haired Pamela. She did not like the social worker's driving.

She too is no longer a tot.

Emmy turned into a teen who cooks salmon dinners. It's great to have her around since neither Tiff nor Tomas cooks well.

BJ too turned into a teen just before Tiff and Tom left for university.

Here's a shot of Tiff and Tom as young adults getting on the dean's list again. They are in their junior year, so they'll soon be back home again.

All tots learned all skills and have A+ report cards. Em has had her first kiss and is going steady with Justin Kim (Pets). BJ is best friends with little townie Marsha, who grew up with him, so they should have a romance soon.
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Default Orphanage Challenge
The Orphanage Challenge

Your job is to run a successful orphanage with the $30,000 grant you received from the government. There’s only two of you and since orphanages are hard to come by in Simsville you had an immediate slew of kids come to your door.

To start out:
-Create 2 adult/elder sims of any species/gender/relation
-move them into a 3x2 lot---costing $2,900

Once moved in:
-hold control, shift, c and type in ‘kaching’ then enter it 10 times
-open the cheat window again and type in ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’
-shift, click one of your sims…then spawn…tombstone of L and D
-open cheat window and type in ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled false’
-keep the tombstone in your yard
*the above cheats are the only ones you will be allowed to use other than building/decorating cheats
-have your sims click the tombstone and spawn the following…
-3 babies
-3 toddles of any/mixed genders
-3 boy children
-3 girl children
-3 boy teens
-3 girl teens
(you can rename the babies by selecting them and clicking on the tombstone and 'rename')
You should have $27,000 left to create housing. You can make it whatever you want, but makes sure you stay inside the rules!!

-No cheats other than ones specified above
-No deleting bills/mailboxes either
-Only one out of the original two adults may work (if one is fired than the other may start work but does not have to…the fired one may get a job again)
-No homerun/businesses may be owned…you are far too busy!
-No servos, maids, or nannies
-Teens CAN work but do not have to
-You can sell paintings, dating gifts, novels, or uncovered treasure for money
-Girls and guys must have separate bedrooms unless they are toddlers, adults or elders
-If you have public bathrooms (multiple toilets and showers) you must have separate ones for girls and boys
-Once a teen grows up they can move out (or go to college, but it doesn’t count for points since not everyone has University) or stay in the household
-A new adult can only stay in the household if they are at least best friends with two of the adult workers and friends with 4 or more of the orphans
-You may not have more than 4 adults living in the orphanage at a time
-If there are 3 or 4 adults, only one is required to be unemployed and stay home with the children (all others can work)

*Optional* makes challenge a little harder and lasts longer
-Every Monday, after you move in, if you feel that you can handle another child you may spawn a ‘new baby/child/teen/toddler’ of any gender…major point bonus!!
-You don’t have to do this each Monday, but you have the option and if you don’t take it you have to wait a week

+ points:
+100…each new spawned kid (past the original 18)
+15…each adult promotion
+5…each teen promotion
+5…each family friend
+10…adult maxed out cooking/cleaning skill
+5…adult maxed out other skill
+10…teen maxed out any skill
+15…child or younger maxed out any skill
+10…any A or A+ report card on day of birthday
+10…golden aspiration during grow up stage
+20…platinum aspiration during grow up stage
+5…throw birthday party
+15…birthday party Good Time or higher…separate from 5 points ^
+75…anyone who stays after growing up to adult (must stay for longer than 2 days to get the points)
+20…toddler learns to speak, walk, or use toilet

- points:
-25…social worker comes and takes kid
-20…repo man/service steals item for pay
-15…burglar takes something
-50…death from unnatural reasons
-50...moving a someone out before they are an adult...unless the teenager is 4 days from adulthood
-10…adult fired
-5…adult demoted
-5…teen fired/demoted
-15…any D+ or lower on report card on day of birthday
-10…bad birthday party…separate from 5 positive points
-15…any fainting, bladder control loss, social bunny, or psychiatrist
-25…any teen or higher pregnancy…you don’t need any more kids!
-100...for any extra adult who decides to leave after they are officially part of the household (longer than 2 days)

The challenge officially ends when all your kids are grown up and gone. Have fun and don’t forget to post pictures on how you’re doing.

Small Details and Questions to take into consideration!

When both original adults die, you may not spawn any more children...but you may continue to play until all your children are gone.

The may use any aspiration rewards or career rewards as much as you want, EXCEPT, the elixer of life may only be used by an adult other than the original two.

An extra adult may move out if you wish and can be replaced by another teenager growing up.
Also, if one of your two originals dies and the other is left you may replace them with another adult. But the game will still end when the other original dies. *take notice to the new points (negative and positive) above in bold*

each skilled that is maxed is + points...if a child maxes out cooking then logic it would be +30
if an adult or higher maxes out cooking then logic then charisma then it would be +20

skills can be maxed in any order...such as an adult maxing out cooking, logic, cleaning then creativity...that would be a total of 30 points
when you max out a cooking skill it is plus 10 points, then you can max out your cleaning skill for another 10 points

Existing Orphanages
Need inspiration? Check out pictures from our challengees' orphanges!

Ciane: Meet the Orphange Update #1 Update #2 Update #3 Update #4 Update #5 Update #6 Update #7 Update #8 Update #9 Update #10 Update #11 Update #12 Update #13 Update #14 Update #15 Update #16 Update #17 Update #18 Update #19 Update #20

Deatherella: Meet the Orphanage Update #1 Update #2 Update #3 Update #4 Update #5 Update #6 Update #7 Update #8 Update #9 Update #10 Update #11 Update #12 Update #13 Update #14 Update #15

FrenchFlutie10: Meet the Orphanage Update #1 Update #2 Update #3 Update #4 Update #5

Novemberlove: Meet the Orphanage Update #1 Update #2

Broo: Meet the Orphanage Update #1 Update #2 --orphanage shut down
Sadly, Broo's orphanage got deleted...but she started a new one!
Broo: Meet the Orphanage

Nicole123: Meet the Orphanage

Hotdoggirl Meet the Orphanage Update #2

Meggie272 Meet the Orphanage Update #1 Update #2 Update #3

Jennybean Meet the Orphanage Update #1
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ohhh this looks like fun. And Mayhem all at the same time! Does the tombstone allow more than 8 in a household? I have never tried, so just clarifying. Will start this challenge when I get home tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for Posting.
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With the tombstone you can have as many people as you want. I don't suggest creating babies though because they will come in as baby girl (last name) or baby boy (last name) and will stay that way their whole lives. It can get a little confusing when trying to feed or change them. If anyone knows how to change names like that, it would be helpful.

When i started this, i started it with 18 kids and 2 mayhem :D
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Quote: Originally posted by FrenchFlutie10
With the tombstone you can have as many people as you want. I don't suggest creating babies though because they will come in as baby girl (last name) or baby boy (last name) and will stay that way their whole lives. It can get a little confusing when trying to feed or change them. If anyone knows how to change names like that, it would be helpful.

When i started this, i started it with 18 kids and 2 mayhem :D

you just select the baby, click on the tombstone of l&d and choose 'rename'.
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