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Default The MASH challenge!
Hello, simmers!
Today I offer you a simple challenge (well, simple compared to other challenges) For those who have heard of MASH, good for you, you can skim down to the setup after a game of MASH. For those of you who have not, well, congrats, today you will learn how.

How to play MASH:
get a piece of paper. A small heading anywhere on the paper, saying SPOUSE
then skip down 5 lines then write another heading saying CAR
Then skip another 5 lines and write CHILDREN
Then skip some more lines (or go on the other side of the paper) and Write JOB
Then skip more lines and write down STARTING MONEY
Write MASH on top of the paper. Now, fill out the paper, including who you want as a spouse (for example, i might want Jacob, Alex, etc.) Fill out four names for spouse. Write down four possible sim cars for CAR(you need 4) (This must include the crappy one or the fixable one if you have freetime). random numbers for the kids (the numbers must be under six, and you need 4 numbers) and 4 possible sims careers (under careers) and 4 possible amounts of starter money (Must be under 50,000).
After you have done this, pick a random number. Now start counting starting at MASH(if i picked three, i would go M-A-S-H. Since my pencil landed on H, it gets crossed off) Continue down the lists. Each time there is one thing left in the list, circle it. Continue on until one thing frome each list is circled. Now you have your results. That is your life on sims planned out. MASH stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House. That is where your simself will live. You have just learned how to play MASH.

Make a simself, just anyone.
Make a spouse with the name of the spouse you picked....
Make how many children you happened to have. Any age.
Go to the lot that fits your results best. Apartment if you got apartment.(if you don't have the AL EP, build 2 houses next to eachother, have you family live in one, and delete the door to the other. Pay a weekly "rent" by buying a expensive object and putting it in the other house) Build a shack if you got a shack. etc
Buy your car. Heheh.
And familyfunds the starting money in.
And use boolProp (only time you may use it) to shift click the newspaper to get the job.

The Gameplay:

Now, you say, what is the challenge?
The challenge is to get your sims perma plat. Easy, no? No cheats allowed. Still easy.

Your other main job is to produce offspring. Already have some? Good for you, but here is the key to success in this modern world, and you want the best for your kids, right?
Learn the three "bigs", and the nursery rhyme. Easy. Halfway max or max a skill, such as creativity, charisma, etc.
Learn to study, maintain perfect grades, max a skill.
Be and overacheiver, max the rest of the skills.
Overall easy, no? Hahahah. After you raise all of your children, adopt another. Keep on raisen' them til' there is no tommorow for your sims. The family name will spread on this way.

If you end up on the unfortanate end (a shack, 6 kids, etc.) Your job is to expand your house as well. Good luck

easy eneough compared to some other ones. I feel like a failure in this way. Oh well. The easiness of this challenge relies on luck so, hope you are lucky

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Wow, sounds cool! I love playing MASH Irl, so this would definitely be a fun challenge! But maybe you should roll a dice to get the random number?

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Sounds Fun
I played this all the time with my friends when I was a little girl. As soon as I saw the title I knew what it had to be. This sounds like a good way to make a new neighborhood with different kinds of families without having to roll a die a million times. I am going to go try it now.

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I'll try this!
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