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Default Creating Duplicates of a World
As always, backup your files before editing anything!

If you've ever tried to install an edited version of an EA world, or a duplicate of one of your own, you may have noticed that the game does not recognise two copies of the same world, even if they are named differently.

The same goes for the Exchange- it will not allow you to upload a finished version of your world, if you have previously uploaded it as a beta.

This is because the name of the world (or the file name) isn't what identifies it, instead the identity is stored in a resource named WPID.

If you install a world which has the same WPID as an EA world, or one of the worlds you already have installed, the game will see them as being identical and so they will overwrite each other.

To avoid this you need to refresh your world's WPID file, so that it is identified as being completely different from the world it started off as.

What you need to do is to open your CAW world file (from Documents/ Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3 Create A World/ Usertooldata/ Worlds) in S3PE and then delete the WPID resource. Save the file and close S3Pe.

Then, open CAW and open the world. Give the world a unique title, description and thumbnail picture. Then save it as a new file name.

Now you should be able to export that world and install it, as well as upload it to the Exchange successfully.
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I tried this and it didn't work. Do I have to duplicate a file.
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It should work just fine. I've done it probably hundreds of times. Try it again, and look at this tut also.
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Default Works for me!
Thanks very much for this, a simple fix for an annoying problem, finally I can play my modified version of Sunset Valley (Set up to put the 4 lots that are added by TS3 Ambitions in places that make sense and on appropriately sized lots).
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Which world do I open in S3PE? The disabled save is of Riverview Redux, and in user tool data, the only worlds are Sunset Valley Lite and Riverview Lite. So should I open Riverview? As I read it as meaning open the Riverview Redux world?
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