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Tutorial: Using CFE to Edge Your Roof
Sometimes, we don’t want to top our buildings with a gabled or hipped roof.
Sometimes we want a flat roof with an raised edge. Sometimes we want a castle with a battlement or at least an edge that is crenelated.

Most of us have been relying on some of the different EA fences that are often too thick or heavy
to properly meet our needs. But by using CFE, I think we can use a regular wall to substitute.
The good news is that this wall’s edge will be flush with the wall below. And when we CASt it, the effect will be seamless.
The not-so-good news is that EA’s walls are very pale on top, and cannot be CASt.
But for this problem, there is also a solution. We can use the Stream of Consciousness trim to hide that top edge.

I want to remind you that this is just one possible solution for edging flat roofs. It’s not a perfect fix, but as you can see from the pictures, it’s a
pleasing alternative. This works great for both modern and medieval roofs and walls.

1. Turn off your auto-roof.
2. Place walls where you will want your raised edge to go.

3. Place flooring on top of these walls.

4. Type cheat: constrainfloorelevation false
5. Place stairs on new floor. One set of stairs (4 steps) will lower the wall one-quarter.

6. Use Level Terrain tool to flatten floor to new level.

7. Repeat these two steps twice more. (With practice you can place three sets of stairs to lower the floor ¾ all at once.)
The wall should now be exactly ¾ of its former height. For some buildings, you may wish to stop here.
8. If you need to lower the wall more, it’s best to do so one step at a time. You can do this by holding the ALT key
while you place the stairs.

9. Remove the temporary floor.

10. If making a crenelated edge, use the Sledgehammer to remove every other wall section (alternate).

11. Place fencing on top of these wall sections and also on the edge of the roof top.

Don't forget to type in: constrainfloorelevation true

* This also works well for your modern homes, providing a low-profiled, clean edge without crenelations on your roof top.
* This can also work as a fence line or great castellated wall.
* If you are placing crenelations on a “fence,” you may need to extend your flooring so that your CFE stairs will fit more easily.
* There are some nice alternatives to the Stream of Consciousness fencing. I happen to like Cyclonesue’s small roof trim,
but this tutorial is to help us avoid using CC, and still affect the appearance of smoother-edged trim.

For crenelated roof edges, I have measured a few heights for the merlons (the part of the wall that sticks up):

To show you some results on an actual lot - I recently uploaded this warehouse.
You can see both a crenelated edge on one building and a straight edge on the other, (and a third example not addressed in this tutorial).
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I had no idea you can do that to the stairs by pressing alt. Thanks so much for the tute!
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