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The Truman Show Challenge
The Sims 4

The Truman Show Challenge
by Hurley Gamer


You must play the Sims 4 as if being the producer of a 24/7/365 reality show named "The Truman Show". The Truman Show is a movie starring Jim Carey in which he is the center focal point of a reality show that he thinks is actually reality. Truman has no idea that he is being filmed his entire life starting at birth. He grows up inside a fake world built to convince him that he is in the real world. He grows up, goes to school, graduates, gets a job, gets married, has friends, has dreams, and has ambitions all the time he is completely trapped in a giant movie studio dome built to trick him. This sounds like The Sims to me!


You may have any mods installed before starting EXCEPT any mods that make the game easier. IE. any mods that make skills level up faster. Also no mods that change the lifespan and aging of your sims.

Start a new game.

In CAS, make two adults. One male and one female. They will be young adults. They MUST have the family oriented trait. These two will be Truman's Parents. They can look however you like as long as they have NO MODERN CLOTHES. Try to keep them looking like they belong in the year 1975. They can have any names you like but its preferred if they have the same names as they do in the movie.

Next, make a male baby. Name him TRUMAN. Give him any trait that might make him adventurous or ambitious later on in the game.
Don't forget the edit the relationships before exiting CAS.

Next pick a lot to move into. You may use cheats to give your family 50,000 simoleans ONLY. Use this 50,000 to build a 70's style home. NO modern gadgets like computers n such. When you are satisfied with the home, you may begin play. As Truman gets older (and time passes) you may buy more modern things. Use your own judgement here.
In the game settings, set the lifespan to LONG. Also make the whole world around him age up as he does. Don't want him getting suspicious now do we?


1.This one is MOST important. You may not control Truman in any way at all! You must instead let him live his life with only influences from your other sims. You may only break this rule to get him a job and save him from death. Have others feed him or let him do his own thing. Lets hope he showers and doesn't stay up too late haha.

2.Truman must go to school everyday. He must finish school with good grades or you have failed the challenge.

3.Truman's father must leave the household before he becomes a teen. His father may not interact with him anymore.

4.Truman must make ONE best friend (another boy) while he is still a child. Switch households to do this.

5.As a teen, Truman must get a girlfriend. He will later marry this girl. Again, switch households.

6.When he has become a young adult, Truman must move out and marry the girl from rule 5. NO EXCEPTIONS HERE.

7.Truman must get a job in the business career. In the movie he sells insurance.

8.Truman may have kids with his wife if that's what you want.

9.Gain 100,000 simoleans.

10.Travel to "Fiji". Since you cant really do this, you may use Outdoor Retreat to go camping instead. If you do not have Outdoor Retreat, you may go to one of the secret locations. If you dont know what these are and how to get to them, GOOGLE IT. Break rule number 1 if you cannot get another sim to invite him to do this.

11.Truman MUST die of old age.

12.Don't let Truman know he is the center of your reality show! Sounds easy huh?


Truman must die of old age and have 100,000 simoleans saved up. Do not control Truman unless you are following another rule.

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Can I play other families so as to get truman a friend or girlfriend or only his parents?
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Originally Posted by Rhayne
Can I play other families so as to get truman a friend or girlfriend or only his parents?

YES. Yes you sure can.
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