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Expectations Vs Reality Challenge
I came up with this challenge and I thought I was cool.

Your father gave to you a house. However most of the furniture got repossessed somehow and now there is nothing. It's up to you to refurnish the house.

Setting Up:
Make a young adult of any gender. Any aspiration or traits. Only have them in the household. Place them onto a blank lot and build two houses (or you could build them on two separate lots). Your "expectation house" can be whatever you want, as long as it's better than your reality house. Your reality house must only have essentials such as these items:

Money cheats are allowed however only when building the houses. No skill building cheats allowed.

Note: This part is optional.
Get to level seven or higher in the painter career or any other career that relates to a certain skill.

You can have any relationship you want with anyone however no one can come over to your house when living in the reality house. Thus you cannot try for a baby or woohoo until you live in your expectation house.

Main Goal:
The main goal of this challenge is to max out the painting, Handiness, Cooking or Baking skills to then furnish your house. You can then move into that house and demolish the reality house to then expand the expectation house. Since an update launched for the game that allows locked door, lock the door to expectation house so your sims won't randomly go in there before completing the challenge. You may only start furnishing it when you have maxed out the handiness skill and painting skill

How To Complete It:
Easy: Get to level ten in the painting and handiness and move into the house.
Medium: Get to level ten in the painting, handiness and cooking/ baking skill, move into the house and marry.
Hard: Get to level ten in the painting, handiness and cooking/ baking skill, move into the house, marry, have a child and complete your aspiration (optional)

I have tried this challenge for myself and it worked quite well
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