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Default Sawali wall patterns
Hello guys! I was wondering where can I find a sawali pattern wallpapers? I've been searching through google but I have no luck, maybe there's someone/somebody here who can help me. I need it to make a sim house version of "bahay-kubo". Please, I would really appreciate the help. Thank you in advance!
I've included pictures of sawali in case you aren't familiar with it. And also some photos of "bahay-kubo".
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I made similar builds for an island world without roads that I sometimes play, but used the patterns that might be base game in different bamboo/weave shades. I never thought to search for something better.

The closest I found is when I search weave & wicker. TSR has 9 pages under that category, and some creators show their patterns on walls. I didn't go through all 9 pages, but the ones I did look at closely were pretty nice. You might find one there you like, or several to mix and match.

Something closer to your examples would be well worth keeping. Hoping the patterns are out there and get shared here
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Thank you so much LeeAlee and Aisquared! Your suggestions were exactly what I need. I really appreciated it. Thank you again so much!
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You're welcome

I've been cleaning up/deleting some of my Sims files, but couldn't resist downloading the HelleN set that aisquared linked to. Very nice!
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