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Default Combination lots
I found very little advice on this topic of combining lot types/rabbit holes. I am wondering if I can combine a fire station with another type of business onto one lot. I was thinking maybe salon/tatoo parlor?
Has anyone had any luck with combining non-rabbit hole career lots? I just want to be able to use this fire station along with another lot type as it's a very large lot and I'm pressed for space.
Thank you, in advance, for the help!
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While I cannot offer much help I am curious as to how you plan to merge the two since the rely on lot type rather than a rug or rabbithole, so I'm not sure how possible the endeavor is.
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I often use multiple RH's on one lot but have never tried non-RH buildings for careers on one lot. However, if you are looking for small career or community buildings check out the Community And Business Lots Here under downloads. I have placed several 10x15, 15x15, etc. lots in one area that was originally a larger lot.

There are also more Tiny Lots On This Page
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Thank you for your quick response. I was afraid that it would not be possible.
I wonder if perhaps a store with a register would work along with it?
I was hoping to not have to redo my lots - but it looks like I might have to ; (
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try this

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There. Mystery solved.
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I believe I read somewhere that to get the tattoo artist to appear to man the tattoo chair, the lot has to be set as a salon. (Not sure, it might also apply to the stylist's station.) You can, however, have other skill building activities on a certain type of lot. For example, I have a lot in one of my maps that is set as the fire station, but it also has a pool, bookcases, the sculpting station, instruments, and so on. You can also have registers on a community lot - like putting a food register in a park or multiple registers on a "market" type lot. Be careful, though, that the hours for the register don't conflict with the lot's hours or vice versa. I've read that, if you place a register that is manned 24 hours a day on a lot with set business hours, for example, it causes problems with the sim who is supposed to be at the register all the time when they get sent off the lot when the business closes. Good luck with your project!
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This thread will help you too Multi-Function Lots

And this is what I just copied from other threads on similar topics:
Originally Posted by Don Babilon
And some additional info on role Sims and their objects and the corresponding venues.

Some role objects have shifts and some haven't and some work nicely with venue times and some don't.

Objects with shifts are:
AMB consignment register (9am to 6pm)
AMB tattoo chair (9am to 6pm)
AMB Salon station (9am to 6pm)
LN professional bars (noon to 4am)
LN pianos (sort of because they only spawn a role Sim in lounges - 2pm to 1am)
(perhaps the LN bouncer ropes, too)

Objects that are manned 24/7 are
WA registers
SN elixir register
UL barista bar
UL nerd shop register

The ITF food processor functions as a role object on community lots, too, but I don't recall the specifics with regard to shift times.

The LN professional bars and bouncer ropes are special in that they comply with venue times. So the default noon-4am will be overridden when the venue times are different.

The 24/7 objects can create a problem when placed in venues with closing times. The objects call for permanent staff while at the same time the venue tries to kick out any Sim after closing time. This will eventually break the link between the object and the role Sim, who will suffer from motive failure after a while. EA made that mistake of placing 24/7 objects in limited opening times venues everywhere in the UL world, and I tested the outcome both vanilla and with NRaas Register installed. The nerd shop clerk was near death at the end of my terms.
This problem becomes more severe once a world has apartment lots, because then homeless Sims do not hibernate after their shifts by disappearing on some random lot but by going to their assigned apartment. You can imagine the situation like this: the venue tells the Sim to go home while the register still asks the Sim to man it; so the Sim goes to the apartment and then immediately returns to go to the venue only to be sent home again - and this in a constant cycle until the shift starts again. Those Sim fail to hibernate properly then and remain in the world on the apartment lot and therefore arrive at their shift with extremely low motives, possibly broken work outfits and with a broken link to their object that will not max their motives again. One of my Sims lived in such an apartment until the role Sim "broke" into the apartment to have a snack and a nap. In the end I deleted the barista bar from the Java Hut lot that was the cause of this.

Originally Posted by Don Babilon
Yes, the consignment register can be placed anywhere. It doesn't require a consignment store lot (mind you, however, that the salon station and tattoo chair do require a salon lot)
There is another thing with Market, though. Market lots are among the most attractive lot types for inactive Sims, so they will have more traffic than most others (I think it is three times the rate compared to a Late Night bar)
And a relics register will only work properly in a vacation world or with a mod.
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Thanks all for the links - I shall read up on everyone's creative ways to make lots. I really appreciate your time and help.
It all sounds very complicated and my tiny, wee brain will try and grasp all the wonderful concepts provided by you.
For the time being, I think I will either remake the lot into one that uses just rabbit holes or turn the one side of the lot into a park with fishing, grill, etc. Or leave it as decoration, as it is a lovely lot (not made by me but rearranged/recolored by me *wink).

Don Babilon - Those ultimate careers look very interesting - Thank you for providing that info. More reading for me!
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