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eevilcat 21st Aug 2007 7:24 AM

Fixing Alien Eyes
As we all know alien eyes do not display properly in all cases e.g. teenagers with the alien skintone and sims with alien eyes but normal skintones. I had a look at this in response to a thread on another board and have tracked down the cause and worked out a fix for the problem.

The problem is all down to EAxis and how they are generating the customPart TXMT data in the character files. The teenage aliens and normal skintone sims are missing some vital data so they don't use the alien eye texture at all. I fixed it by hand in SimPE for a normal skintone as follows:

Open the neighbourhood.
Find out the number(s) of the affected sims by looking in the sim description data.
Locate your sim files in My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods\Nxxx\Characters and open the affected sim file.

For each customPart txmt definition:

On the Properties tab:
Change baseTexture1 to baseTexture2
Add a new baseTexture1 with the value uuface-eye-alien (NB add creates a blank entry at the bottom of the list, once you have set the values, click the sort list button)

in compositeBaseTextureName: insert _uuface_eye_alien after the face txmt definition
e.g. I changed _tmface_s4_uuface_browcombed_black-diffuse to _tmface_s4_uuface_eye_alien_uuface_browcombed_black-diffuse

change numTexturesToComposite from 2 to 3 (this will use baseTexture0, baseTexture1 and baseTexture2, adding in the alien eye texture)

On the File List tab:
insert _uuface_eye_alien as per the compositeBaseTextureName value
e.g. I changed _tmface_s4_uuface_browcombed_black-diffuse to _tmface_s4_uuface_eye_alien_uuface_browcombed_black-diffuse

For sims with alien skintones, you only need to patch the teenage customPart TXMT (paramAge 2)

Here are the obligatory before and after shots.

I think you should be able to extend this to do other kind of eye overlays, though please correct me if I'm wrong. I imagine that someone could add a utility to SimPE to fix this.

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