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annoainthere 11th Aug 2011 3:03 AM

Black Widow Challenge
On behalf of MacTech - with full credit going to him on this challenge.
You can read his post which inspired the challenge here:

The objective is simple: romance and kill the ugly population of your town.
Your lover can only be a Townie (the uglier the better).

1. Create a new neighbourhood.
2. Create your sim. They can be as beautiful or ugly as you desire, the only provision is they must have the Romance aspiration.
3. Then create your house of choice.

The rules are based on MacTech's thread Black Widow.

There are only 2 rules.

Rule 1: Follow the five steps below and repeat until you have either A) satisfied you evil desires or B) exhausted your supply of ugly townies (in which case I suggest moving onto the prettier ones).

Step 1: seduce a hapless, unsuspecting Sim, and fall in love (if she/he gets pregnant in the process so be it, let the cards fall where they may)
Step 2: lure another victim, and fall in love with that one
Step 3: Profit!....err....get caught cheating and fall out of love with the previous Sim
Step 4: kill the old lover (hopefully in creative and/or amusing ways)
Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 to 4.

This means once that first slap has been done by the lover, if he or she decides to assault anyone else on the lot then they are sentenced to death and moved immediately onto "Death Isle" to expire slowly over time....

Rule 2: Never Assault the Black Widow (or her children), doing so lands the offending Sim on Death Isle regardless of their current relationship! Any Sim who *attacks* the Black Widow will be dispatched to Death Isle and immediately killed in a way that would maximize the offender's Fear score.

What is Death Isle?
MacTech has made a lovely place called "Death Isle", a small patch of terrain surrounded by a moat, where they put the gravestones of the victims, the moat for the most part keeps the ghosts contained, and depending on my mood, Death Isle may contain any of the following;
1; Angry Ghosts
2; Zombies (MacTech has the Fight Club and Zombie Apocalypse mods installed, so these zombies will actively hunt mortal Sims and eat their Braaaaiiiinnnns....)
3; A barbecue grill with lots of flammable stuff nearby
4; A Cowplant
5; Broken appliances, perfect for Sims with zero Mechanical points to attempt to fix.
6; satellites in unstable, decaying orbits....

(below is quoted directly from the thread)
MacTech has the perfect example from his version:
The funnier/nastier/more evil and twisted the demise, the better, currently Waylan's death was my most creative yet...

hates formalwear (or anything involving neckties) - forced to wear the most uncomfortable, restricting tuxedo in the game, if it was pink that'd be even worse
afraid of aliens - he gets abducted, and comes back preggers
afraid of vampires - he becomes one
now afraid of sunlight - he gets to watch one last sunrise
gets to spend the rest of eternity (or until the game finally crashes and burns and gets reinstalled...) as a pregnant vampire ghost forced to wear a crappy tuxedo that way, he'll be a tux-wearin'-pregnant-zombie-vampire-ghost that craves braaaiiins and blooood, yet is unable to satisfy his hunger .....

Okay, I couldn't resist, I resurrected Waylon "Are you my Mummy" as a zombie, however, in doing so, he ended up giving birth to a little girl, Jade, at first, Jin eyed the baby, and then her "OMGWTFBBQ" Baby Roaster Grill, thinking that Jade might make a nice snack.....

thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.... "If I eat that baby, I'll be no better than that accursed abusive scumbag pencil-necked zombie freak with his crazy Braaaiiiinslust, no, I'll raise Jade as my own, to see if I can't make her a better person than her ?father?, or is he her ?mother?, boy those Pollination techs are sure strange..."

...and as of right now, the newly-re-impregnated, zombified Waylon "send more Braaaiiinnnns" PregPencilNeckZomVamp just saw his last sunrise........again..... and will once again spend eternity, this time as a Pregnant-pencil-necked-zombie-vampire-ghost, over on the austere accommodations of Death Isle.

Yes you can marry the lover Sim, yes you can pillage their inventory and keep their money, yes you can have children with them, yes you can do whatever you like as long as you follow both the rules, yes you can use mods/hacks/cheats/custom content to your hearts content.

Currently there isn't a points system for scoring - if anyone could suggest a way to score points that would be appreciated.

Thank you MacTech for letting me post this challenge on your behalf, I too am enjoying the entertainment provided on my own Death Isle.

Clairebearzz 11th Aug 2011 3:21 AM

I may start this, it seems like it would make good stress relief...
For a point-scoring system, you could score X number of points for each victim your Black Widow claims before death or something... then X number of bonus points for each "death by assaulting the Widow" and X number of bonus/minus points for each child... Dunno, just throwing out suggestions...

MacTech 11th Aug 2011 3:43 AM

looks like a great start, thanks for the assist....

....oh and you can dispense with the "they/them" thing, I'm a He

It's funny, the Sims series seems to cut across gender lines and appeal to all gamers, especially ones with an evil streak and twisted sense of humour (guilty as charged)

I don't normally go for that boring interpersonal crap in my game, I don't play my Sims for "love", to me, this is one big "Virtual Petri Dish".....

Hmm, what happens when I cause these two genetic profiles to spawn, what is the end result.....

hmm, if I add some fictional genetics (I.E. Maxis alien, RobotMaid, Twi'Lek, Nebari (from Farscape), Talaxian, Na'Vi, transparent, Cylon Centurion, Bending Unit (Futurama) etc.....) to the mix, can I breed out the human genome?

Let's create a truly *unique* looking (usually ugly) and see how many generations it takes to suppress that genetic code

I'll create a sim with conflicting traits, a shy sim who has the popularity aspiration, a neat-freak sim who has no cleaning points, etc....

Can I turn all the females in the town into vampires, let's see.... okay, let's turn all the males into zombies as well and see what happens

stuff like that, or petty stuff like re-arranging the house when they're at work, turn the appliances to face the wall, so they're unusable, put a shy sim's bathroom fixtures out on the front lawn and invite the neighbors when it has to relieve itself, move the bed onto the roof (flat roof), put a vampire's coffin out on the lawn as far away from the house as possible, so their needs redline and they may not make it to the coffin....

basically, how can I make my Sims lives miserable, to quote Prostecnic Vogon Jeltz from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

"All planet leave is cancelled, I just had an unhappy love affair so I don't see why anyone else should have a good time...."

annoainthere 11th Aug 2011 5:48 AM

They/them have now been he'd.

My petri dish unfortunately falls short of a lot of things... mostly a nice sterile laboratory and those little stick things you use to prod the samples with. I do enjoy giving the petri dish a good shaking though makes for a lot of fun/weird outcomes.

I don't mind playing for plots/relationships but making those poor poor Sims suffer makes it all worthwhile. Like you say, I play for those little things, like rearranging the furniture or knocking down the house. Or creating strange looking Sims, with stranger likes and weird aspiration/personality clashes.

MacTech 11th Aug 2011 12:27 PM

If you *really* want to annoy the maids, have a vampire "watch the Sunrise" on Death Isle, my maid (Lucy Hanby) spent all day in the kitchen, stomping her foot in frustration because she couldn't get to Waylon "Dust in the Wind"'s pile of ashes to clean them up, she never left the house, never completed her cleaning duties, she was *obsessed* with getting to that pile of ashes on Death Aisle....

junglewildchild 12th Aug 2011 3:41 PM

Totally going to try this. Will have pictures later

RandomWafflez101 14th Aug 2011 10:47 PM

I'm going to try this one for sure. I always loved building little 'torture rooms' for hapless townies. I'll post pictures later.

annoainthere 12th Oct 2011 4:39 AM

A few days ago I came across this story. Truly an inspiration to the challenge, I do suggest reading it. Thank you SilentPsycho for giving this challenge life!

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