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Elexis 13th Sep 2011 2:48 AM

Lemonleaf or Pralinesims? Your thoughts.

recently there was an affray between two known Sims CC creators. A free creator Lemonleaf accused a pay creator Pralinesims (TSR) of stealing their content and earning money from it. Pralinesims declines all the charges and accuses LL for stealing her stuff.

Here is the post by LL with all the screenshots and post dates:

What do you think about this?
Which side do you support?

Robodl95 13th Sep 2011 3:09 AM

I think it's funny that Praline accuses LL of stealing when LL did all of the similar items first. I support LL because there are obvious similarities in the textures that can't be ignored. If it happened once then it could be accidental but it happened several times.

SimsLover50 13th Sep 2011 5:13 AM

I am not choosing a side. Unless it is an exact copy, I don't view it as stealing. People produce derivative work all the time, and no one really can say they own a particular style of drawing lips or noses. That is the nature of art.

For me, the image of the lips is similar but not exact, and that is not the same as stealing. The only way for me that it would be stealing would be if the other's art was used and altered slightly.

anothereyjana 13th Sep 2011 5:35 AM

Like SimsLover, I feel that the two look similar, but not exact. What does sway me on it being theft, however, would be Pralinesims' reaction; it seems very overly defensive, especially with firing back that Lemonleaf is the thief, despite Lemonleaf's items being the older ones. Not to mention the fact that this is faaaaar from the first time that a TSR member has been accused (or caught red-handed as in other, more infamous cases) of stealing another creator's work. Hell, there's a whole thread all about the crap (including theft) that TSR gets up to right here; note that the thing is over 200 pages long. The pirates also have a thread dedicated to this specific potential theft here. Apparently Pralinesims also threatened to sue. Yeeaaah, good luck getting that one into court.

Element 13th Sep 2011 6:00 AM

The pay creator loses by default, IMO. I'm sure it's been debated at length before, but if a pay creator gets their stuff ripped, then the worst they can do is flail their arms. It's not protected by the EULA and it's unheard of anywhere else in the gaming community. They have no right to charge for their content and I will not support them. If a free creator gets content stolen from them by another free creator, then it's up to our community to ostracize the thief for being such a dick. If a free creator gets stuff stolen by a pay creator, well, I don't want to be near the explosion when it goes off.

In other news, LemonLeaf's website hurts my senses.

jhd1189 13th Sep 2011 6:06 AM

I'm not really sure if this is an appropriate debate topic--taking sides in an off-site custom content war isn't exactly the purpose of the debate room. I'm going to go ahead and close this for now. However, if anybody would like to start a thread based on SimsLover50's point (When is derivative artwork stealing?) that might be more appropriate.

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