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This tutorial is intended to help people clone and place community lots. One of the biggest hurdles for new players is that there are only vacant residential lots in the game. This tutorial shows you how to clone an existing commercial lot and place ready made community lots into your neighborhoods. My incentive was my marital arts sims - He didn't want to have to travel to China all the time to practice and wanted to set up a Dojo in town. So I cloned the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy, a 40 x 30 lot and will show you how to place it into the home town. YOu can do this with any commercial lot. The secret is making sure the lot size you want to place is the same size as the vacant lot you want to move it in to because The Sims 3 (TS3) has pre made lot sizes which can't be changed.


NOTE: When you copy a lot into the library, the copy loses all interactions that are in it's queue.

Symbols to pay attention to

Vacant-residential-lot.jpg Look for this image to find out where the available vacant residential lots are in your neighborhood.
Vacant-commercial-lot-b.jpg Look for this image to find out where the available vacant commercial lots are in your neighborhood.

Planning Your Lot Placement

Step Image Directions
1 Edit-town.jpg Go into Edit Town mode to select the lots you want to copy and put into your library.
2 Phoenix2.jpg Each lot will tell you its size. Make a note of your lot's size. You can only place it into an empty lot of the same size.

For this example, The Phoenix Martial Arts Academy is 40 x 30. It can fit into a 30 x 40 or a 30 x 40 empty lot.

3 Vacant-residential2.jpg Find an empty lot of the correct size. In this example, we are looking for a lot that is either 30 x 40, or 40 x 30.

74 LandGraab looks to be the correct size. We'll put the Dojo there.

4 Change-lot-type.jpg Click on the empty residential lot's icon to bring up the lot's info. Click Change Lot type.
5 Gym.jpg Click Community...and then from the drop down menu select Gym.
6 74-landgraab.jpg It is now a commercial lot space. You can now place the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy into your neighborhood.
7 Rotate.jpg Since the original lot is 30 x 40 but the Academy is 40 x 30, you have the option of rotating it before final placement.
7 Sunnyside-Dojo-a.jpg To rename your lot, click on the newly placed lot icon
7 Sunnyside-Dojo.jpg Click the Edit button and then rename your lot.