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TS3:Downloading for Downright Dunderheads

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Other file types

dbc Files

These files are created by the Launcher and are merged Sims3Pack content. Each Sims3Pack you installed via Launcher will be appended to this file until it reaches the limit as set by EA, and then a new .dbc file will be created. So it is quite common to have a few of these in the DCCache folder.

World Files

This is a file that is extracted by Launcher and placed in InstalledWorld folder when a custom world is installed.


All of these are file types commonly used for images. Sometimes creators will include screenshots or pictures of their creations in their archives, so if you forget what you've downloaded, you can look at the picture. You can delete these files - the game does not need them at all and they just take up extra space.


These are all types of text documents. Generally if you end up with one of these along with a download, it's the creator's "read-me" file or in a Sims3Pack is called a manifest (xml file). Creators sometimes include text documents along with their creations called read-me files, letting downloaders know where the file came from, who made it, and what people are allowed to use it for. They can also contain special installation instructions and important useful info, especially in the case of hacks. You can either keep these files for later reference, or delete them to free up space on your hard drive


These are called "executable" files. Most common is EXE but you can sometimes see BAT files too. You should not run into these file types very often at all when downloading. Programs will often install with executables, but you should not run an executable unless you trust who it came from.

If you download any sort of regular content and it comes with an EXE or BAT inside, be wary! When in doubt, don't run that executable file.

Any executables you download from MTS should be safe, though - only staff members are allowed to create content that installs with executables.

If you're having trouble with other file types...

  • If you run into a type of file that is not on this list, the best thing you can do is try looking up the file's extension at FILExt, a site that lists all sorts of file extensions, what those types of files are for, and what programs open them.
  • Really, though, for installing content you mainly need to worry about
    • ZIP and RAR (archives, you extract from these),
    • PACKAGE (put in \Mods\Packages folder),
    • SIMS3PACK (double-click to have it self-install),
    • SIMS (place in SavedSims folder) and
    • WORLDS (should be packaged in SIMS3PACK).

If you run into something else (especially a file type not mentioned here), it's probably not useful or going to work as a custom content item.