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A sim taking a picture of a couple.
Does your sim fancy themselves a bit of an artist? Do they want to capture real life moments to cherish forever? Then photography is for them!

Photography is a skill career, so your sims can register as a Self-Employed photographers, earning special rewards for selling their work.


The most important part of photography is a good quality camera! Better cameras mean getting your skill up faster, so use your money wisely when buying your camera. There are 3 different cameras to choose from:

  • Snaptastic Filmsy-Cam (§250) - The cheapest of the 3 cameras and the worst one if you want to get your skill up. It can only take small photos.
  • ChannonTek Outlaw SE (§850)- The average camera of the 3. This camera is good for beginners and can take small photos and medium landscapes. (Only available in Egypt)
  • Hikon QX40di Gladiator (§3,250)- The most expensive and the best camera of the 3. It can take all type of photos in really high quality. It is probably worth saving up for this as it's very good quality. (Only available in Egypt)

Starting Out

To start learning the skill, one of the easiest ways to do this is start taking pictures. Just press shift-c with a camera in your inventory to take a picture. If you want a good start in photography then buy a photography book at the Al Simhara bookshop. Read the book until at least level 3 before taking more pictures.

Camera Modes

Your camera has many different modes so your pictures can be more interesting and fun. The better the modes and filters, the more money you can make from photos.

Photo Sizes

  • Small Portrait: This is the default setting at level 1. The size is the lowest grade photo available.
  • Medium Landscape: The next step up from a Small Portrait. Takes bigger, more high quality shots.
  • Large Portrait: The second best size used usually for basic shots.
  • Panorama: After reaching level 10 your sim can use Panorama mode. This is the biggest, most high quality size and can take brilliant photos!

Photo Filters

  • Colour: The default setting for taking normal photos.
  • Black and White: Used for black and white photos after reaching level 2.
  • Sepiatone: A sepia tone for your pictures after reaching level 4.
  • Classic Vignette: The best picture filter available after reaching level 9.

Photography Challenges

There are several photography challenges your sim can complete to unlock rewards for that skill.

  • Photog: Capture 75 different subjects to increase the base value of your photographs
  • Architectural Eye: Capture 10 Unique Landmarks to increase the value of all photographs featuring Landmarks.
  • Human Form Expert: After capturing 50 unique Sims, Human Form Experts can increase their relationship with Sims they already know by photographing them.
  • Paparazzi: Capture 60 different strangers and your photographs of unknown Sims will be worth more.
  • Shutternut: Complete 5 different photo collections and taking pictures will be free of charge.

Photography Collections

There are several collections your sim can complete by taking a picture of each item in the collection. Certain levels will unlock some of the collections, but you can unlock them at any time by taking a picture from one of them.

Note: The In-Game Description is what the caption says when you hover over the item name in the Photography skills journal. The Tips given show items that are known to satisfy a particular photo. These are not necessarily exclusive; many more items may be used, these are just the ones that have been confirmed.

Architecture and Buildings

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
City Hall
A French Market
Town Theatre
General Hospital
Sports Stadium
The Market
Chinese Garden

Everyday Moments

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
Child Being Carried
Pizza Delivery
Mail Carrier
Political Demonstration
A Group of Sims
Lovers at Night
Police Officer
A Sim in the area
Kid Playing with Toybox
Kid Playing with Oven
A Sim Cooking
Repairman on the Job
A Sim Gardening
Someone Painting
A Sim using the Computer
A Chessmatch
Remedy for a Hot day
Two's Company
Maid at Work
Four Sims Eating
A Sim Fishing
Photo of Photographer
Three's a Crowd

Home Sweet Home

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
Outdoor Stuff Any two outdoor activity items
Furniture Two pieces of furniture
Kitchen Kitsch
Toys & Hobbies
A Nice Garden Three plants
Baby Stuff Any two baby items
Something Yummy
Home Decor
Cute Teddy Bear
A Toilet
Gadgets Galore Phone and video game system on a table
A Party! A couple of party objects
Bathroom Stuff

Still Life

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
Video Game System
A Couch
Box of Tissue Wish-You Tissues
Nectar and Food
Garden Decorations Shocking PInk Flamingo - 2nd Edition
Flowers Blossoming Sunflower Vase

Around Town

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
Places in Town Any two places of interest
The Beach
The Park
The Bistro
Grocery Store
The Spa
Police Car

Family and Friends

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
My Friend
My Spouse
Two of My Friends
Three of My Friends
Ghostly Family
My Child
Family Member
My Main Squeeze
My Gradnchild

Plants and Flowers

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
Renoit Grape Vine
Apple Tree
Cherimola Blan Grape Vine
Lettuce Plant
Onion Plant
Tomato Plant
Cranerlet Nuala Grape Vine
Pomegranate Tree
Plum Tree
Avornalino Grape Vine
Meloire Grape Vine
Gralladina Fran Grape Vine
Watermelon Vine
A Life Plant
Flame Plant
A Lime Tree
Bell Pepper Plant
Potato Vine
White Rose
Red Rose
Garlic Plant
Death Flower Bush
Sun Flower

Oh the Calamity!

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
One Sick Sim
Slap Fight
Soaked to the bone
Oh no! Snake!
The Repoman
A Social Worker
A Thief!
A Fight
A Singed Sim


Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
China Statue Set Green Dragon, Snake of Simhara, Wandering Tiger of Baroo Zodiac Animals
Luminorious Gem
Pink Diamond
White Diamond
Egyptian Statue Set Seth of the Desert, Statue of the Cobra, Horus of the Sky, Sultan of the Sphinx
Dangerous Creatures Statue Set Statue of Ammit, Statue of Anubis, Fudog, Fearless Gargoyle
Dropa Stone Set
Mercury Vial
Canopic Jar Set
Space Rock
Rainbow Gem
Magic Gnome


Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
A Pyramid
Shower in a Can
Pushable Statue
Snake Charmer
Pile of Ancient Coins
Pile of Rubble
Floor Trap
The Great Sphinx
Lovers in China
Treasure Chest
Giant Boulder The kind you have to destroy
Floor Switch
Lovers in France
Lovers in Egypt
Soulpeace Statue Found inside the Sphinx
Abu Simbel
Torch of Anubis
Dragon Cave


Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
Mummy Having a Snack
A Ghostly Problem
A Mummy
A Ghost
My Dead Enemy
Doubly Dead Take a picture of a ghost mummy
Death on Vacation
My Dead Spouse
Simply Death
A Serious Ghost Problem
Wandering Ghost
Too Many Ghosts
It's Haunted

Best in Class

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
A Money Tree
A Top Chef
Military Bigwig
Master Criminal
Expensive Stereo
Nectar Rack
Luxury car
Chief Lifesaver
Diplomat Extraordinaire
Fancy Tent

Sims in Motion

Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
Honing Body and Mind
Refreshing Swim
Sims Dancing
Making Nectar
Playing Catch
Pushing Statue
Sims Sparring
Board Breaker
Get a Room!
Pleading to Sphinx
Sim Making the Bed
Great Tunes
Dumpster Diving
Solo Dancer
Fighting Flab


Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
Sculpture Garden
A Makeover
Eccentric Collection
Fire in the Hole!
Top Brass
Getting a Tattoo
Big Air
Tools of the Trade
Bake Sale
A Fire Engine


Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
A Celibity Sighting!
A Hotspot
A Mixologist
Dancing Fools!
Rocking Out
A Vampire
Food Truck
Bar Games


Photo Name In-Game Description Tips
Party Sims
Pillow Fight
For Science!
Backyard fun
Imaginary Friend
Sleepover Fun
Party Dancers
A Wedding
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