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    ... Problems and FAQs that don't fall into any other category, or span multiple categories.
Basement & Pool tool crash A workaround for that pesky crashing when you click on the tool, for Lots built prior to patch 1.5.
Blue Lots What to do if some or all of your lots turn into empty, blue holes in the ground.
Can't Enter Lots What to do if you find you can't follow your sim to a particular lot.
Converting and Placing TS3 Lot Types Creating and placing commercial lots into converted residential lot locations.
EADM Issues Having issues downloading content or patches with the Launcher? It might be the EADM.
Launcher Issues What to do if you get error messages when starting Launcher.
Live Mode Freeze Sims immediately freeze upon entering Live Mode and cannot be recovered.
Load Issues Covers the various problems when loading the game and what to try if you get them.
Minor Graphics Issues Having small, non game breaking graphics issues. Here are some fixes and work arounds
Serious Error What to do if you get a message stating that "A serious error has occurred" when trying to load a savegame.
Save Errors Some suggestions to help with those pesky save error codes.
Scrollable worlds list in New Game screen If you cannot scroll the worlds list, you need to check your game version.
User Interface and Sim Issues I swear! It was just here! Missing Sims or User Interface? Look in here.