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TS3 Patching by Category

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Patch 1.15.34 / 2.10.5 / 3.6.6 / 4.3.4

Known (New) Issues

This patch causes the following issues:

  • bug 1 [needs sources, known workarounds if available and patch version that subsequently fixes it]
  • bug 2 [needs sources, known workarounds if available and patch version that subsequently fixes it]

Release Date and version numbers

This patch released on Sep 07, 2010 updates

  • The Sims 3 base game to version 1.15.34,
  • World Adventures Expansion Pack to version 2.10.5,
  • High End Loft Stuff Pack to version 3.6.6, and
  • Ambitions Expansion Pack to version 4.3.4

Patch Notes

This game update includes:

New Features

  • Sims that drive extensively can now develop a relationship with their vehicles. Vehicles can be named once a friendship is formed.
  • The Vehicle Enthusiast Trait is now available. Sims with this trait can name their vehicles immediately and develop relationships with them more quickly.

Base Game Updates

  • Fixed an issue where ghosts could become stuck in vehicles under certain conditions. Ghosts will now properly exit vehicles after arriving at their destination.
  • Nameable items can only be named when they belong to the active household.

World Adventures Updates

  • Career titles for Sims visiting Egypt, France and China will now display in the Relationship Panel tooltips.

The Sims 3 Create a World

  • Create a World users need to install a new version of The Sims 3 Create a World Tool. Users can find the Create a World page from the “Games” drop down in the site header.

Patch notes copied from Official Site

Direct downloads

The executable files are located in

Create a World Tool Beta

Release Date and version numbers

A new beta file was released to be compatible with this patch series. You have to uninstall the older version, download a new version from here and install this one.

  • The Create a World Tool (Beta) is now at version 1.9.16.