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TS3 Patching by Category

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Patch 1.19.44 / 2.14.4 / 3.10.4 / 4.7.4 / 5.5.4 / 6.2.4

Unsolved Issues (pre-existing)

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Release Date and version numbers

This patch released on Feb 01, 2011 updates

  • The Sims 3 base game to version 1.19.44,
  • Expansion Packs:
    1. World Adventures to version 2.14.4,
    2. Ambitions to version 4.7.4, and
    3. Late Night to version 6.2.4
  • Stuff Packs:
    1. High End Loft Stuff to version 3.10.4, and
    2. Fast Lane Stuff to version 5.5.4

Patch Notes

This game update includes the following changes:

Ambitions Updates

  • The Poltergeist Haunting job will now properly complete when a Ghost Hunter is performing the job on lots containing hot tubs.

General Updates

  • Corrected an issue that prevented launching the game from expansion pack or stuff pack desktop shortcuts for certain computer configurations.

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Direct downloads

The executable files are located in