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What is a userstartup.cheat file?

The userstartup.cheat file is where you can put custom settings that you want turned on each time you start the game. You can also create "aliases" (shortened commands) to run cheat commands. Anything which is in your userstartup.cheat file will be activated when you run the game.

Because the file lives in your "My Documents" folder - it allows you to have different custom settings for different user accounts.

  • A handy utility has been created by Lucas of Aussie Topenders- which allows you to assign a cheat to a key on your keyboard. Be sure not to assign it to any of the keys currently used in the game (c, t, tab, control etc)! Get 'Easy Sims 2 Cheats' HERE!

How do I make a Userstartup.cheat file?

First, you should see if you already have one. If you've installed Radiance Lighting (for example) you may already have important cheats in an existing userstartup.cheat file, and you would just want to add to those existing ones.

Open your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Config folder. Look for a file called Userstartup.cheat, or just Userstartup (if you don't have file extensions showing). Right-click on that file and choose "Open With" and then choose Notepad (not Wordpad) to open the userstartup.cheat file in Notepad.

Creating a userstartup.cheat file

If you don't already have a userstartup.cheat file, you can create one yourself. Open Notepad (not Wordpad) and create a new document. Save that document in My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Config\ and use the filename userstartup.cheat for it. Make sure file extensions are on, as notepad will add a .txt to the end of the file. Remove the .txt if present. Sometimes other extensions are inadvertantly added such as an extra .cheat. Make sure there are no file extensions after .cheat.

Make sure the file is named exactly this way: userstartup.cheat

After the file has been saved in your Config folder, either right click or left click to choose what program to open the file with. Choose 'Notepad'. You are now ready to add and edit.

What do I put into the file?

There are two types of entries you might want to put in your userstartup.cheat file:

  • Cheats you would like to automatically enable and have on all the time, such as the 45 degree rotation cheat
  • "Aliases" or shortened command, to shorten the in-game cheats and/or make using them easier.

For a list of cheats, see: Game Help:Cheats.

Automatic Cheats

If you would like a cheat to automatically be enabled when you load the game, you can put it in your userstartup.cheat file and the game will read the list when it starts and enable those cheats. Here are some common

Aliased Cheats

To set up an alias cheat, you use the following format:

alias textstring "cheat command" "short description" "long description"

Here are some examples of aliases:

  • alias mon "moveObjects on" "Move Objects On" "Move Objects On"
Turns on the moveObjects cheat when you type mon into the cheat console.
  • alias mof "moveObjects off" Move Objects Off" "Move Objects Off"
Turns off the moveObjects cheat when you type mof into the cheat console.
  • alias 50k "motherlode" "50,000 Simoleons" "Motherlode"
Shortens the cheat motherlode so you can just type 50k into the cheat console.
  • alias cfet "boolProp constrainFloorElevation false" "Constrain Floor Elevation False" "Contrain Floor Elevation False"
Shortens the cheat boolProp constrainFloorElevation false so you can just type cfet into the cheat console.

To use the aliases, you just type in whatever you've used for the textstring into the cheat console. Press CTRL-SHIFT-C to bring up the console, and then to activate the moveObjects cheat, using the example above, you would just type mon.

Use only letters and numbers in your aliases - you can't use symbols or it won't work. Bear in mind that you also have to have the expansion packs relevant to the cheats you wish to activate, so check the Cheat List to make sure what expansion you may need for certain cheats.

Why are the cheats active, even though I haven’t switched them on?

As stated above, you may already have a userstartup.cheat file. One installs with Radiance Lighting, SeeThem2 has one, and other things may as well. Check your userstartup.cheat file and see what cheats you have active.

Why can't I place windows/doors?

Why am I getting cancel/reset/delete error messages?

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