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World Routing Lags

The What  | The Why  | The Where  | The Downloads  | The How  | Guide:DIY in CAW  | Guide:Edit with s3pe  | Guide:Download .world file  | The Conclusion

World Routing Lags

The What


What's the Issue?

It has been established (read threads in #Related_pages section for background information) that games needed to be reset with the "resetsim *" cheat every few hours to alleviate the intermittent freezing and lagging. This is in games with mods like Overwatch installed. The lags is due to the game taking the time to recalculate the routing information when Sims/Pets get stuck in the world due to broken routing.

The Why


Why is this issue messing up our game(s)? or Why should I care?

The freezes and lags are caused by broken routing in the worlds. This is explained in Armiel's tutorial on routing in the CAW tool: Tutorial: Basics on sim-routing in Create a world-tool

Before the fixes outlined here were implemented, even after doing the suggestions in Game Help:Intermittent Freezes, the freezes and lags keep recurring. This is an attempt to remove the root cause of broken routing in the .world files.

The Where

Install paths Where the game is installed by default depending on OS and delivery methods.
Default Worlds File Locations Where the .world files can be found so it can be fixed
The Map Gallery The collection of World maps, dotted with indicators of where the broken routing is found.

The Downloads

Default Worlds Downloads for worlds that came with the game and expansion packs.
Store Worlds Downloads for worlds offered at Store

The How-To

Pre-requisites What you need to do and get before you're ready to do the fixes.

Based on the pre-requisites, choose the option of how you'd prefer to get the fixes and click on that link to read and follow the Guide.

The Guide

Option 1: DIY in CAW For the self-sufficient who like to do things yourself. Get the map from The Map Gallery to check where the terrain repainting is needed.
Option 2: Edit with S3PE For those with limited bandwidth, and know their way around s3pe.
Option 3: Download .world file For those on OSX; or don't know or don't care to use s3pe or CAW.

The Conclusion


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why aren't the fixes appearing in my Save games?
A: It depends on what patch version you're on. If 1.42 (came with Seasons) and later, then no. Starting from patch 1.42, EA makes some changes somewhere to the code to ensure Swimming and seasonal changes apply properly to ALL worlds, and this affects how the modified resources are hooked up in a Save game. You would need to start a totally New Game and then select the World that has the fixes already imported. You might want to use Twallan's Porter to transfer your household(s) to a new game, because the fixes are only applied when a new game is started. They won't appear on a pre-existing Save.

Q: When I open the <storeworld_name>.world file in s3pe, I get an error: "Expected magic tag 'DBPF'. Found 'DBPP'.
A: Have you recompressorized? If you don't know what that means, have you downloaded and double-click on the run.bat file? Perhaps read the RightArrow.gif Steps section (of the Download thread) again?

Q: When I try to download, I get a 403 error.
A: This tells me the wiki to the multi-part files weren't clicked on and read, as at the bottom of the DFDD4 page states:

If you get a 403 or 503 error, means that you're downloading too many files at one time and are using up all the download slots. There's a limit of 3 files at a time or 3 chunks per file per downloader to give other members a chance. You'll have to wait for six hours when the server reset its caches for you to be able to download again.

For your convenience, here are the links again:

Q: What is the difference between the "Resources for" and the ".world" downloads for the various worlds?
A: "Resources for" versions are when you want to incorporate (import) my world fixes to someone's edits of the worlds, so you can have all the edits to your hearts content. It is targeted for those of you who use any of the numerous edited world versions out there. Especially, if that world creator did not import them on their own, at the time they worked on the world edits.

".world" versions are just my fixes already imported and all you need to do is to plop them in the appropriate folders.

Q: Do I need the <insert world name here> world from the Sims 3 Store to use the fix for the <insert world name here> world?
A: Yes, you DO!!!

Q: I don't have the <insert world name here> world,

  • as I didn't buy the world from the Store; or
  • as I didn't buy the Expansion Pack;

can I use the fixes from these downloads?
A: No, sorry.

Q: Do you plan to fix <insert world name here> world?
A: I don't really know at this point (Jul 2014). I'll try to do the fixes around my schedule, which is busier now than it was a year ago. You can track my progress on my blog. And as you can see from that sidebar widget, I haven't bought Roaring Heights, yet. So you guys are welcome to start on any worlds that I haven't publish any fixes for. You're also welcome to publish your own version of the fixes, if you plan to share them elsewhere, as MTS don't allow duplicates. The more the merrier.

Q: Can I have the CAW files, please? I want to use it as a base for my own edits.
A: I might post it up to Github if ever I get a reply to my tweet.
But easiest is to do the DIY in CAW and Edit in s3pe steps and import the fixes yourself before you even start with your own edits. That way, you know the baseline of where you're starting from.
For one thing Github might take some getting used to, there's a slight learning curve. But it is also very very easy to pick up. If I do post it to Github, I'll be doing a tutorial on how to use the files with Github.


Updates of significant changes
  • Jul 03, 2014
    • Added more FAQs, last 5 in the above list.
  • Dec 1, 2013
    • Added more FAQs
  • Nov 21, 2013
    • Updated links to Isla Paradiso fixes
  • Jan 30, 2013
    • Added FAQs section and Riverview stuff
  • Sept 19, 2012
    • Reformatted
    • Resource Link to Moonlight Falls added in Downloads section
  • Jul 22, 2012
    • link to Starlight Shores fixes
    • Confirmed by the pattern for the past 3 years, .world files are not touched by patches and so these fixes won't need updating with each patch. Unless otherwise stated by the Patch Notes from EA.
  • Dec 17, 2011
    • No updates necessary with patch 1.29 (released Dec 14, 2011)
    • Added Pets Appaloosa Plains .world download link
  • For older changes, please see the history tab.

What's Next

Testing and providing feedback of how test went in your games and what to do if you have problems

What's Next

Well, I appreciate any feedback. You can post in the download thread's comment area if you have any issues :

  • with repainting in CAW (although CAW forum might be better for this)
  • with importing the resources
  • with lags due to broken routing or areas I missed, preferably with an image so I can see exactly where.
  • with the instructions, need clarifications or whatever.

If That Didn't Work...

  • Have you reread and gone through the instructions again, carefully? If you tried the DIY or S3PE solution, perhaps easiest is to wait for the downloadable .world(s) to be made available.
  • Please post in Sims 3 Help forums if you have issues with the game, especially if not related to routing lags.

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World Routing Lags

The What  | The Why  | The Where  | The Downloads  | The How  | Guide:DIY in CAW  | Guide:Edit with s3pe  | Guide:Download .world file  | The Conclusion

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