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MTS Creator Guidelines

Before uploading and sharing your creations, please be aware that MTS has specific criteria and guidelines for quality of uploads. These guidelines ensure that the general overall quality of uploads found here surpasses that of other sites, and that the details and info on uploads is helpful and looks good.

Please do not be disappointed if your upload is not approved for not meeting these guidelines. Usually the specific PM you get details why your specific upload has not been approved at that time - either because it's a flat out none-approval (which is usually if you have missed key points of these FAQs, or for a number of other reasons), or if it's a changes required (which means small fixes or changes are needed). If you have read the PM, double-checked the guidelines, and are still unsure as to why your upload was removed, you can ask for further explanation in Creator Issues.

Guidelines for all Categories

These guidelines apply to all sections, Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims 4. For more specific guidelines for each category, please see below.

  • Screenshot Basics - How to take better screenshots, control the game's camera, and adjust your graphics options for best results.

The Sims 2 Specific Guidelines

The Sims 3 Specific Guidelines

  • Sims - Guidelines for all sims - celebrities and otherwise.
  • Pets - Cats, dogs and horses.
  • Pet Markings - Markings and Regions for your animals.
  • Lots and Houses - Both residential and commercial buildings.
  • CAS - All sim-related content like skins, eyes, clothes, hair, etc. (except for sims themselves).
  • Objects - Creating new objects to use in game
  • Custom Patterns - Creating custom patterns to apply to all game and custom content.
  • Walls and Floors - Creating new custom wall & floor templates to use in game and cc patterns on.
  • Game Mods - Game Modifications (aka hacks).
  • Careers - Custom careers.
  • Blueprints - Custom Blueprints.
  • Worlds (Neighborhoods) - Creating custom worlds.
  • Poses - Creating custom poses for sims.

The Sims 4 Specific Guidelines