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This page was last modified 29 May 2010

Featured Content Criteria
The very fact that your content has been accepted on MTS proves that it is good work, as MTS has some of the most stringent quality control in the Sims community. MTS prides itself on having the best content from the best creators. Certain amazing uploads can be featured by our moderators, highlighting them on the front page and Downloads area.

These items generally follow the following standards, our criteria for featuring content:

  • Correctly uploaded. Items that follow all of the Creator Guidelines, have all the required information, are well-presented and have above-average screenshots are much more likely to get featured than items that do not follow the guidelines perfectly, or do not go above-and-beyond.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. The item looks like what it's supposed to look like, correctly and nicely modeled, mapped, and textured, and has nice big pretty screenshots which showcase the work of the creator.
  • Effort. An item that has obviously taken a lot of time, care, and work to create is much more likely to get featured than an item that has been put together in a few hours. Likewise a set of items is generally more likely to be featured than a single item.
  • Originality of idea and concept. A completely original idea for something never before seen is much more likely to be featured than something similar in concept to an existing item.
  • Usefulness and usability. A more "mainstream" item that is extremely useful and versatile is much more likely to be featured than an obscure item with a particular fandom (like an item from an anime series, particular movie, etc.).
  • Wow factor. Probably the most important... Items can meet all of the above criteria, but if it doesn't make a moderator go, "zomfg, WOWWWW!" and jawdrop and stare drooling at the screen for a minute or two before they snap out of it... it's just good, not featured.

Featuring of content is solely up to moderator discretion. If you have uploaded something that you think is very nice and featured quality (or if you see an item by another member you think should be featured) but it is not featured, please do not take offense. Again, the fact that your upload is here means that it is good. Campaigning for your work (or any creator's work) to be featured won't get it featured any quicker - only hard work, effort, and paying attention to the above criteria, especially the "wow factor" will do that.

Utilize our Creator Feedback forum to get help in improving the quality and presentation of your uploads, pay attention to suggestions and feedback you are given in your download threads (especially comments by moderators relating to the Creator Guidelines), and make your next upload that much better.

How Items Become Featured
When a moderator sees an item that they think has all of the above criteria, especially the "wow!" factor, we have a private moderator forum where we can nominate an item for featured. Then, other moderators can comment on what they think - whether they believe it's worthy of being featured or not. Items are also tested in-game to make sure they look as good as they do in the pics and work as advertised without any major flaws before being featured. Once we come to a consensus on whether an item should be featured, it's either featured then, or not - sometimes we will put a nomination aside until the creator fixes certain issues, and sometimes we decide that an item is not worthy of featuring.

We do not have an area for users to nominate content for featured, and we ask that you please do not post "this should be featured!" type comments in others' download threads (and especially not your own!). Again, featuring is solely up to moderator discretion.