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Updating your own work
If something you have made needs fixing up or you have added to it (you've done the same shirt in blue, or you discovered an error and fixed it) that's fine! Just click the Edit button on the top of the upload and make the changes you need to. You can update pictures, files, and text. It's a good idea to put some bold text saying something like "Updated, 14 Nov 2013 to fix the issue with the blahblah" at the top of your post so people know to download the new version.

If you are updating your rar/zip/7z files and you want to keep the existing download count, then give your files exactly the same filename as before and simply upload the new version without removing the old first. Do not remove the old file by clicking "Remove" or you will lose the download count!

If you would like MTS staff to look over your changes to make sure they're okay, you can post in Creator Issues and point us toward your thread.

Fixing others' broken creations
Creators come and go. They lose interest with the game, they get busy with real life, or they just don't feel like updating anymore. And that's fine, but it's an awful shame to leave their creations to the entropy of patches, un-updated and useless because the creator is gone. If a custom item is broken in some way by a patch or update, then someone else can come along and update it, and share the updated version here at MTS.

This is subject to certain conditions (ALL of these must be true, not just one/some):

  • The original creator must have been inactive for a period of at least 1 month, and has not stated when they will be returning (for vacation or personal reasons, etc.) This period of 1 month is counted from the last date the original creator has actively posted on the site.
  • The original creator cannot have posted policies specifically forbidding updating or editing their mods. If they have no stated policy regarding updating, or if their site or policy is permanently offline, it's okay.
  • The original creator hasn't said on the upload or in their journal that they are working on an update.
  • Updates to items can be simple bugfixes or updates to work with the new patch(es)/expansion(s), or they can also include new features.
  • When sharing the update here, the updater must link and credit the original creator by name prominently in their upload, and make it clear that it is an update, not an original item of their own making. Just saying "based on (link)" is not enough. The link and credit should read something like this: The original version of this mod was by JoeSimmer123, who has been inactive for a while. So I have just updated this mod to work with the new 1.17 patch. JoeSimmer123's original version is here: (link)

Staff will edit the original, non-updated upload to add a prominent message on the top of the main description to link to the new, updated version of the mod so that people will know where to get an updated version.

If the original creator returns and the updates made to their creation are simply to fix it to work with a new patch/expansion (i.e. no new features added), they may use the updated version in their own thread (download it from the updated thread, attach it to their old thread, and remove the update notice), with credit and a link to the updater's profile. No sense in doing the same work twice. This doesn't apply if there have been new features added. If the updater has added new features, then they can maintain their version separately, or work something out between the two of them with the original creator.

Minor mods
Most game mods for The Sims 3 apply only small-ish changes to some of the XML files that come with the game. That doesn't limit their usefulness. Some of the most-wanted mods on MTS are of that nature. However, it creates a difficult situation when a patch hits and the creator of such a mod isn't around or too busy to update anymore. Usually, once a creation has been approved on MTS, other creations that are very similar aren't approved anymore. An unupdated mod would thus block other creator from taking over and downloaders couldn't get an updated version of the mod. And even if the creator of the outdated mod is actually inactive as par the rules regarding abandoned/content, it seems absurd to make creators claim they updated something they didn't even look at to make a new version of a minor mod.

What is a minor mod? A mod is considered a minor mod if it consists of simple tweaks of otherwise unaltered XML resources of the game. E.g. a minor mod would be something like taking the Swing_SwingSet ITUN resource from the GameplayData.package and changing the DisallowAutonomous attribute to True, thus stopping sims from autonomously swinging on the swing set. There's only little effort required, no new content and no "creative act".

That doesn't automatically make all tuning mods minor mods of course. A mod that is based on game resource, but really is a true creation and adds new depth to something that existed before, would not be considered a minor mod. Something like Cooking And Ingredients Overhaul is a case of a definitely not a minor mod mod despite being a tuning mod.

Updating Minor Mods: If a minor mod becomes outdated by a patch, and the creator doesn't update it within a certain timeframe or at least gives a heads up that they will update, other creators can take over and update it.

This is subject to certain conditions (ALL of these must be true, not just one/some):

  • The previous version of the minor mod must have been outdated for a period of at least 14 days.
  • The original creator hasn't said on the upload or in their journal, within the past 14 days, that they are working on an update.

Outdated minor mod uploads will be archived once an updated version gets approved. They will be unavailable to downloaders and the uploader both, since there is no need to have more than one instance on the site. If you upload an updated version of a minor mod, please post a heads up in Creator Issues with a link to the outdated mod, so we know to archive it.

Remixes of others' work
See our new policy here

If you don't want your work edited...

If you care about what people do with your work, then you should also care enough to put up a policy explaining your wishes.

  • If you're uploading here on MTS, you can edit your policies. These policies show on your profile so that other creators can see what you allow. If the options there are insufficient for you, under Edit Profile, you can type in the "About Me / Policy / Other Text" with whatever your wishes are, if you wish to restrict edits of your work.
  • On other sites, how you state your policies may vary, but at the very least you can always put "My policies are:" and an explanation in the text of your upload. If you ever delete your site, leave your policy somewhere accessible so we know that you don't want your work edited. Your MTS profile is a good place for that.
  • If you find an item that violates yours or another creator's policies, click the "Report" button on the post and select "Download - Policy violation" as the report type. Make sure to link to where the creator's policies are posted so that we can verify it.