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The upload process on MTS usually follows a number of steps, during some of which you recieve automatic PMs. With the new and improved upload system, all uploads are moderated based on a rubric for various (appropriate) categories. In general, an "approvable upload" is one that scores a minimum of three stars per category.

For a list of what is expected for a specific upload category, see the Creator Guidelines.

Uploading Stages

Stage 1 - Make your items!

In this stage you'll get ideas for, and research, the upload you want to make. Utilise our Create forums, and the various tutorials available to make the best object possible. It is usually a good idea once the item is complete to do a short write-up of what it does, and to keep track of anything you have used, and who it is by - this will be used later.

Stage 2 - Prepare!

In this stage you'll double check the Creator Guidelines, reading the specific ones that apply to the type of object you are uploading. Please also read the general ones, such as the screenshot guides, since they usually give you hints and tips on how to show off your item.

Also pay close attention to anything you need to link or credit, and be aware that pay content is not allowed for certain uploads such as lots and sims.

Please take very special care when taking screenshots. Your screenshots need to be representative of how your upload looks in-game, as we do not download and test the items. For more information, see Screenshot Basics. Everybody is encouraged to read that tutorial.

Stage 3 - Upload!

During this stage you will use the MTS Upload Wizard to actually upload your files, fill in the description that you wrote earlier, and credit other peoples work whom you may have used. Please pay special attention to the URLs you use when crediting off-site downloads or meshes - be as specific as possible in the links.

  • Please note that after you upload, you will recieve a Private Message on MTS with the details. At this point, once you recieve the PM, your item is in the moderation queue.
Stage 4 - Wait!

After the upload is submitted and in the moderation queue, the MTS staff will look at it, read the description, and check some other basics such as screenshots and the contents of the uploaded zip or rar files. This process can take some time as there are often quite a few uploads in the queue at any one time, and duties are split among staff.

Remember, uploads are moderated via a rubric system. An "approvable upload" typically is one that scores a minimum of three stars per category. However, MTS may "changes require" or reject 3+ star uploads, if there is good reason to. That is, stolen content, adult content or the upload is missing some critical element.

Moderation Results

After an upload has been moderated, you will receive a PM detailing the status of your upload. One of the following can occur:

Changes Required

If there are any small changes that need to be made to your upload (for example you might have missed a credit link, or maybe need to tweak a screenshot), then your item will be put on what is called "Changes Required". This stage basically means that you need to make changes to your item to make it comply with the basic upload guidelines.

You will receive a Private Message on MTS detailing exactly what you need to change. We've broken down our assessment criteria into rubrics; each rubric is a specific element that we look for, either related to your actual content, or to the technical requirements of uploading.

Pay attention to this PM! Any category/subcategory with less than three stars must be fixed before the upload can be resubmitted to the queue. You may be asked to make multiple changes - please make sure you do all of them and not just one. If you have, for example, 3 or 4 two-star rated categories, and you only change 1, there's still more that needs to be done and your upload may be rejected if you do not make all the changes.

Note that complying with these changes is not neccesarily an automatic approval!

Removal/Not Approved

Okay so your item is uploaded, but you got a message saying your item was removed or not approved? What does this mean? Well, we base our rejections on your presentation of the upload and rest assured that we check each and every upload individually whether you are an existing featured creator or a new starter.

If an upload is removed or not approved, you get a Private Message in your Inbox on MTS with a list that lists specifically why the upload was removed or not approved. Each item is broken down by category, and explains why your upload received the rating that it did. Maybe your mesh has too high a poly count, maybe it has lots of pay items, maybe it doesn't comply with a multitude of the Creator Guidelines. Obviously, the specific reasons change from item to item, but sometimes there can be multiple reasons for removal or not approval. Pay attention to all of them and read the entire rubric in the PM! Also, pay attention to the moderators comments, as they will often clarify the reasons for a low rating and offer tips for improvement.

If your item gets removed or not approved, do not lose heart! Instead, look at the PM, and see why this happened, and then look at the other uploads on the site within the same category or the same style. See how other people have done their items and try and learn from them. Read the Creator Guidelines to get an idea of what you need to do to upload something correctly - perhaps you missed something basic but huge. Do you have a good description? Good screenshots? All these and more can be possible reasons for a poor upload score.

If the basic actual post is ok, then it might be due to the item, in which case you can get critique and guidelines from other creators in our Creator Feedback forum.

If you've read the PM, double-checked the Creator Guidelines, and still don't know why your upload was removed or not approved you can ask for further explanation in Creator Issues.


If you got this far, then your item has been approved on MTS! At this point you will get a Private Message in your inbox on MTS and sometimes may get a little note with some other information. Your upload will appear on the front page of the MTS downloads section, and on your profile page.

At this point, you can start checking your thanks, checking the thread for feedback, maybe even fine tuning your skills and improving things - and even start on new items using the techniques you have learned. MTS is all about teaching people how to get better with each item, and both the quality of uploads we have seen over the years as well as the general creator guidelines has changed to reflect that.

Lastly, well done for having something approved.