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LightingCommon.ini is an INI file that can be imported into world files. LightingCommon.ini controls various aspects of the lighting for a world. The lighting colors for the world are not controlled by this file, but by color ramps. For more information on using this file see the tutorial on tuning world climates.

Extracted file name: S3_1F886EAD_00000000_5E4F8E7B226066CA%%+_INI.ini

Annotated Format

Format Notes
(Wiki editor annotations in green - EA annotations in red)
SunlightScale = Range? Effects?
AmbientProbeScale = Range? Effects?
LightProbeSaturation = Range? Effects?
GrayscaleProbeIntensity = Range? Effects?
BloomRampIntensity = Range? Effects?
BloomRampThreshold = Range? Effects?
Gamma = Range? Effects?