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Tutorial:Fixing Flashing Blue Accessories
AuthorJM Pescado
NotesThis applies to any EP from PETS onward



From the Pets expansion onward, certain accessories categorized as glasses would flash blue when worn by sims. This could be fixed by taking the sim to the mirror and having them Change Appearance, but this would only fix it temporarily.

Thanks to JM Pescado, we now know the cause of why this happens to certain accessories and not others, and most importantly, how to fix it.

This tutorial will explain the steps of how to fix an accessory that flashes blue. This tutorial is mostly meant for the accessory creators to fix their own work, so they can upload fixed versions for everyone to enjoy - but it can be used by downloaders to fix items that the mesh creators won't fix. It is written in a format that hopefully should be easy to understand, even if you know nothing about SimPE or meshes.

This tutorial is ONLY for flashing blue accessories! It doesn't relate to flashing blue anything else!


Fixing Flashing Blue Accessories


Originally written by JM Pescado and HystericalParoxysm

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