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A sideway garage - tutorial problems and solutions -


How to build a sideway garage, usual problems and solutions.

What you will need

NightLife (EP2)


First I must thanks Eedgan, for the tutorial I follow here, Sotalia and Dejay for their contribution.All on the building forum.

Sideway garage orientation

Before start this kind of trick you must know where the garage stuff will turn.

It is easy, the driveway turn allways 45° from the sun light IN the lot (without the radiance).

I use sun IN lot and not from neighbourhood (they are opposite) because you must know it before building, so in an empty lot without the shadows made by the buiding .

Sidew-garag-patul-3.JPG =>cars always point the same

Sideway garage tutorial

For the explanation I give I see the lot from the other side of the road.

1- Place a conventional garage entance to link your future driveway to the road.

2- Using the moveobjects on cheat delete or replace the right end tile of the opposite sidewalk Sidew-garag-patul-1.JPG

3- All garage tools turns.


4- Turn the cheat off and continue building...that's all !

Sideway garage undo

Undo the sideway orientation it is easy : Tile the opposite sidewalk, save and exit to the neighbourbhood, move the lot, then re-enter... it is done.

Sidew-garag-patul-4.JPG Tile and tools are back to normal

NOTE : Moving or rotate a lot dont change the two orientation availlable (normat/cheat) because the orientation is saved with the lot.


Originally written by eedgan (MTS2 page), Sotalia (MTS2) and DeJay (MTS2) contribution

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