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These tutorials cover other aspects of meshing that are important to know and to help you come up with a great final product.

What you will need

  • SimPE
  • A 3D modeling program - we HIGHLY recommend Milkshape with the Unimesh plugins. Free programs are available but simply will not do what Milkshape will do for its low price.
  • Prerequisite for ALL Body Shop Meshing Projects: You MUST be an experienced creator of Body Shop recolours - that is, changing textures and alphas for clothing, hair, accessories, skintones, etc... These tutorials will not tell how to use Body Shop or make textures for your meshes... and the skills you learn through becoming extremely adept at making recolours/retextures/reskins of Body Shop content are -crucial- to being successful at creating new Body Shop meshes.

You will also have gone through all the Tutorials:Body Shop Meshing Starter Tutorials.


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