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Make an Alpha Skirt, Step by Step

Base Game



This tutorial will to teach you how to make an alpha skirt. Such a skirt can be sheer, lacy, have different hem lines, or even be just a dangling belt or sash over shorts or leggings. The techniques learned here can be used to make other alpha clothing such as dresses, pants and shirts.

You will learn how to: - make a mesh with alpha groups w/ morphs - match bone weights for correct skirt / leg animation when the sim moves - make a recolor for multiple groups and alpha groups

Level 4 - Advanced

This tutorial is not for beginners. You should already know how to create clothing meshes, alter meshes, alter UV maps, edit recolor files, and use SimPE in general. This should not be your first or third or fifth time using MilkShape and SimPE.


TUTORIAL : Make an Alpha Skirt, Step by Step


Originally written by CatOfEvilGenius

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