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Building is one of the largest sections on It is also one of the first things that an aspiring creator will approach when creating content for upload. It is easy enough to do and with some real elbow grease they can turn out really well. But, this section is geared to making your houses more than just another lot approved on site. No no, this section has a wide variety of tutorials to teach you things that you might not have even known about! As you work your way down, you'll notice each tutorial is located in it's own section, with video tutorials being at the very bottom. Whether you are just approaching or an old creator looking for something new, this section has something new to teach you!

Building Tutorial Categories:



New to building? Need help with improving your homes? Check here for an introduction.


Basements & Cellars

All the ways to get sims underground



Autoroof is Dead! Time to try some new roofs out!


Garage & Driveways

All tutorials for making a space to put your car!



These Tutorials will help you get to the second floor in style!


Split Levels

split the house! These tutorials will show you how to make Split Levels!



Making the most of your gardens with planting and architectural elements.



The most fun place to chill and have fun! Why not make it more fun?


Other Tutorials

tutorials that don't fit into the above categories.


Video Tutorials

Don't want them in text? Well we have links to quite a few video tutorials that teach you as you watch!

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Large Tiptorials

This section is for large tiptorials or tutorials so you can expand your knowledge, not learn a new technique necessarily.

Tutorials by Category

CAS | Patterns | Objects | Building | Worlds | Modding | Modding Reference