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CAS is all the manipulation of the "create a sim" tool within the game; this section covers how to edit parts of the program and its tools using different programs such as the CTU, it also outlines tools that are useful and/or vital for the tutorials. All the tutorials below have been split into specific categories.


General CAS Tutorials

Tutorials for creating skins, eyes, hair, clothes and CAS sliders.


CTU Tutorials

Creating custom face masks, overlays, stencils, makeup and clothing using CTU.


TSRW Tutorials

Creating CAS using The Sims Resource Workshop (TSRW).


Modding Tools

Tools that are required, that make things easier, or just plain fun!

Useful Programs and Plug-Ins

Creation Tools

Paint Programs

  • Paint.NET is one of a couple of programs that can be used to edit Sims 3 textures. Get it for free, here.
  • GIMP is another - free - program that can be used to edit Sims 3 texture files. Find it here.
  • Photoshop is, perhaps, the most used paint program. However, it can be very expensive. The bright-side is, a lot of schools/universities/jobs offer free or discounted versions of Photoshop to their students/employees.

DDS Plug-Ins

In order to get your textures to open in your paint program, you will need to install the proper DDS plugin for it.

3D Modeling Programs

  • Milkshape 3D is the most used 3D modeling software in the Sims community. It's not free, but not terribly expensive either. This program comes with many amazing tools that make body meshing a lot easier..
  • Blender 3D is a free alternative, but the UI of the program can be kind of intimidating for new users. Plus, most of the convenient body meshing tools included with Milkshape are not included in Blender. And also, just as a word of warning, most tutorials are centered around Milkshape. So, it's recommended that you have some background knowledge on how to use Blender if you choose this program over Milkshape.

GEOM Plug-Ins

Like with DDS textures, your modeling program will not automatically be able to import your TS3 meshes. You'll need to install a GEOM plugin first.

TSR Workshop Plug-Ins

TSRW uses it's own 3D mesh format called Workshop Objects (.wso). These meshes are only compatible with Milkshape 3D. The import/export plug-in files are included in the installation files for TSR Workshop and they must manually be installed like any other Milkshape 3D plug-in.

You will find them by going to:

C:\Program Files\The Sims Resource\TSR Workshop\Extras\...

The Glossary

For a glossed list of common CAS creation words and terms, see The Glossary

Tutorials by Category

CAS | Patterns | Objects | Building | Worlds | Modding | Modding Reference