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A guide on how to create various heights for walls, like zero-, one-, two-, and three- click high walls.


Walls (Patterning)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode Walls Tutorials</ncl>


<ncl>Category:Build Mode Fence Tutorials</ncl>

Floors deformation (with "boolprop constrainfloorelevation [true/false]")

This section is to list out tutorials about how to shape your floor layers:

(edited by niol @ MTS2 & helped posted by Timin2101 @ MTS2)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode Floors deformation Tutorials</ncl>

Floors (patterning)

This section is to list out tutorials about floor-tile patterning

<ncl>Category:Build Mode Floors Tutorials</ncl>


(Nebulosa @ MTS2)

<ncl>Category:Build Mode Terrain Tutorials</ncl>

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