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So, you've decided to send me a PM (private message)? In order to get your question answered as efficiently as possible (since I get a lot of PMs), I have set up this page that answers some basic questions you might have.


Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with one of your tools!

If you need help with the following:

  • TS3 Install Helper Monkey
  • Pattern Packager
  • Multi-Sims3Pack Installer
  • Any other program in the general downloads section

Then DO NOT PM me your question. Post it in the thread about the tool you are using. I do not answer PMs with support questions - I only deal with these in the threads.

I need help with my Sims 2 game!

I do not play the game. I know nothing about how to fix it. Please see for more information

I need help with my Sims 3 game!

I am not a help section. Please see for more information

I can't download! Downloads cut off halfway through!

Please post in - this is the Site Issues forum where you can find other helpful things.

I can't upload! There is no option in User Tools! I've looked everywhere!

The Upload Items option is in the Create dropdown, not in User Tools. Please check all menus next time ;)

I have a question about the upload queue, uploading items, or the general upload system

Please post in or - the Creator Issues and Creator Feedback forums respectively.

I have a question about creating items for the game

I do not play the game or make mods, objects, clothing, items, or anything for it. I wont have a clue what you are asking me about anyway, so it's better you see the Create section on MTS2.

Q-Xpress isn't working, it gets an error message!

Please read and also if you get Runtime error 11, read

I don't have a question on the above lists!

Click here