Guide: testingCheatsEnabled
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Firstly I'd like to state I am NOT claiming any special knowledge about this boolProp, or that my information is correct or definitive. This is however a guide outlining what I have found through extensive use and experimentation. I would also like to apologies for posting to this forum, but after many days or searching and reading I was unable to find the best place for it - so please moderators, if you like etc, please feel free to place in the appropriate forum for this type of information.

A little extra information. The attached .zip file contains a .pdf document, so you will need something like adobe acrobat reader to view it. Also, this attachment is bigger than I originally intended but its compressed as much as I could make it. *smile*

* Additional .rtf format attachment added as requested

Anyway, all feedback welcome - yes even if you hate it :) since I'm too old to take any negative opinions personally :)


Keywords: boolprop, testing, cheat, debug, mode

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