Mesh: The modified mesh does not show up in bodyshop!
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My modified mesh does not show up in bodyshop!

* First, did you actually save your mesh file to your DOWNLOADS or SAVEDSIMS folder? If you saved it to your projects/working folder, it won't show up in the game.

A quick outline of the steps:
a) Create a temporary texture using bodyshop, importing it into your game.
b) Extract the 4 parts for your mesh the sims03.package through sims06.package files.
c) Build a new mesh file with the parts, fix integrity, save.
d) Save your modifiedcres and modifiedshape
e) Load your temp texture from Saved Sims and put the modifedcres and modified shape in it in the correct place, and delete the extra copies.

* A common error is in adding the modified cres and modified shape to the bodyshop file. The file you edit must be in your SAVED SIMS folder, not in your Projects folder. You must follow the directions for positioning the information in the correct place, and hit ‘commit’ after making the changes (and save)

After you have done the commit and save, you need to delete the modified cres and shape from the main list where they were inserted, and SAVE again. Unusual behavior has sometimes been noted if they are left in. If you did accidentally leave them in, start over again with a new bodyshop recolor and repeat the process for inserting the modified shape and cres.

* To see your new mesh, you must make a NEW bodyshop project (do not open the existing one) and then look at the clothing for one with a * (it will appear before the Maxis clothing). The thumbnail will not be changed. Click the thumbnail and then look at the mannequin to see the new mesh.

* Also, only use ‘fix integrity’ ONCE when editing the mesh, before you save the modified shape and cres. If you ‘fix integrity’ again it will change all the numbering and your mesh will no longer be associated with the temp texture.

* If you are editing a mesh with groups, the groups must be named the same way (and have the same comments, if you use Unimesh) as the original mesh you started with.

* Your mesh, or parts of it, will also not show up if you did not assign any of the vertices to bones. Unless you are using Meshtool basic, you cannot simply turn an obj file into a mesh, all the bone assignments must be made.
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