Milkshape: Crashes!
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Milkshape: Installing Open GL (also Windows Vista info)

I was having so many issue with getting Milkshape to work on Vista. After reading help from the creators, I was able to get it to work. I am writing this to help those of you out there who cannot get it to work.

My help question was posted on the Milkshape site for almost a week without any help. I figure here, more people might be able to get it to work. This is by no means a slam against Mete and all his work.

First off, you WILL need the Mesa 6.4.1 Software OpenGL Drivers

Download them and keep the folder on the desktop, where you can access it easily.

You then need to access the Milkshape folders. The path is Highlighted at the top.

After you get to the folder, go to the Desktop and open the folder with the Mesa drivers. Highlight all the items in the folder. Then you drag them to the Milkshape folder. And you are done. That should help you get Version 1.7.10 Working. It worked for me, and I am not all that technically inclined.

If anyone has any suggestions, problems, or whatever, post them on site in the bodyshop or objects areas. I am sure that there are enough people on this site that can help. I will help you out on a personal basis if needed. I hope this tutorial helps you out. Mete is releasing the new version in a few days. I will get it as soon as I can to see if it works.

I can only help you this far, to use Milkshape, I suggest the tutorials by JWoods for basic object meshing and the ones by tiggerypum for modding bodies/hair/accessories. Hope all goes well for you!

Happy Meshing!!

Additional notes by Tiggerypum:

Also make sure you have the very latest Direct X from Microsoft

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