Tutorial: How to attach a garage to a home on a slope in TS3- DaveyDaVinci style.
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Today I will teach you how to attach a garage to a home on a slope in The Sims 3.

First off, you will need to be familiar with a powerful cheat: ConstrainFloorElevation. In order to turn the cheat on, you type *constrainfloorelevation false*, minus the *. To turn it off, you type *constrainfloorelevation true*, minus the * again. Now to get started.

Step 1: Planning your lot.

You do not need to have your lot completely planned out (and if you're like me, you will make things up as you go), however, you should have a general idea in your mind of where you want the house and garage to be in comparison to the layout of the lot. From there, you can start construction.

Step 2: Construction

You will now want to start building some of the structures. Note: You do not need to fully construct your house, but you will need to build your garage and a small corridor that connects the garage to the house, making sure you place walls that intersect the house and the garage (unless you don't want to put doors in the corridor. That is your own design preference). This will serve as a transition between the house and garage, and allows you to place stairs inside, without disrupting the flow of your house. In this example, I just used a simple square pattern for the rooms.

Step 3: Raising terrain.

Now it's time to set the height of the slope in which you want your house to sit. Go to the raise terrain tool, select the large square option, and give the raise terrain tool a few clicks on an area of land away from the main house itself.

Note: You will want to experiment with slope sizes. Make sure when you add stairs to the slope that the stairs don't dig into the ground below, like in the picture below. It's not a bad thing if it happens, it's just not aesthetically pleasing.

Step 4: Leveling the terrain around your house.

Now it's time for fun. Here is where the constrainfloorelevation cheat comes in. press ctrl+shift+c to bring up the cheat menu. Now you will want to enter the cheat code *constrainfloorelevation false* into the box, without the asterisks *, and press enter. Now bring up your level terrain tool, and drag it over the hill you just made, all the way across to where you want your house to be. (Note: you should already have a basic outline of your house, or at least the garage and corridor) You will want to level the terrain a few tiles away from the main house, as you will need to put in stairs.

Your house will end up with warped walls in the corridor. THat's a good sign, and is what you're looking for.

Step 5: Leveling the walls

You will now want to level the walls of the house. Go to your level terrain tool and drag it over the entire top of the house, as shown in the pictures below. You should now have a house with level walls. (NOTE: If the terrain leveling tool is acting up, exit out of it into some other tool, and go back. Make sure you're on the floor that you want to level)

Step 8: Adding doors, stairs, and garage doors.

You're almost done! Now you want to add the stairs and doors to the garage section of the home. Depending on whether you're placing doors that connect the garage to the home, or leaving that area open, you will want to place whatever doors you need in first.

Now you want to place the stairs.

And now, you're finished!!!!!!!!! Make sure you turn the floor elevation cheat off by typing in *constrainfloorelevation true* once you're finished with it, as it can mess up your lot if you're not careful. I hope this tutorial has helped you all. Feel free to leave feedback or questions!
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