Backing Up Your Hoods For A Reinstall
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Hiyas =)

As I have had to do this at least twice in the last three months, I thought it would be an idea to write a quick reference to point people at =)

When I reinstall I do NOT want to save anything, but want to start with an entirely clean slate so to speak. I also don't want to backup ANY files other than those I need. This is of great importance for people who don't have a lot of room.

Its more than just your neighbourhoods you might want to back up, this way you can start off *just* as you left when you last saved the game.

1) Create a place/folder on your drive to put the backups. If you like download the zip I have attached. It contains blank folders and can act like a *reminder* of what to back up and a text file of this info.

(For a simple Sims2 reinstall you can store your backup anywhere else on your drive. If you are doing an operating system reinstall place the backup on another drive or partition so it doesn't get nuked :D)

2) This is a list of what I backup:

My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2

Cameras : if you use custom camera settings backup the amended ones.

Collections : downloaded collections or custom collections/icons you have made. Original Maxis collections are dated 17/08/2004 and don't need to be backed up.

Downloads : don't lose those hard found recolours, new meshes, walls and floors! If you have the Colour Enable Packages prog installed, backing up the _EnableColourOptionsGMND.package is a good idea as copying it back into to the fresh install will make it work again. No need to reinstall that as well.

Lot Catalog : this will back up any lots you have in your house bin.

Movies : back up any custom movies you have for Sims TV and games.

Music : so you don't have to redo all your MP3's.

Neighbourhoods : N'Hoods - the all important, are not identified by a name. N001 = Pleasantview, N002 = Strangetown, N003 = Veronaville. Your custom N'Hoods will also be named N###. Back up ALL n'hoods you PLAY or want to KEEP by copying the folder into your backup place. (If you don't know what a N'Hood is, open N###_Neighbourhood.package with Simpe, choose Catalog Description from the left side scroll box, click on the Plugin View Tab, and click on CataLog Description in the right window. The name of the N'Hood is in that file and will display on the lower left hand section of the SimPE screen).

Projects : files you are working on in Bodyshop/Homecrafter.

SavedSims : errr yes in case you have stuff in here

SC4Terrains : custom terrains (neighbourhoods) you may have downloaded or made.

Storytelling : screenshots of your Sims!

Program Files/EA Games/The Sims 2/TSData/Res (or whatever your install path is =D )

Catalog/Scripts : I back this up because I use an amended version of the floor and wall scripts

Config : I back this up because I use custom versions of the Graphics Rules.sgr and globalStartup.cheat.

3) After you have copied the files you want to keep, check them, at least twice and make absolutely sure you have backed up every file you want to keep.

4) Prepare to uninstall! Uninstall the game properly, using Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs. When it asks you if you want to *save* anything say no. When that is done, ensure that both the My Docs/EA Games/The Sims 2 folder and the Sims 2 folder under Program Files are deleted.

5) You now have a clean slate! Commence your reinstall.

6) After reinstalling quickly start the game and test it works, no need to go into any N'Hoods.

7) Be sure that you reinstall and patch to the SAME version you were using before. You can now copy back your backed up files - don't cut and paste them in case there is a problem. If you used my folder system don't copy back the entire backed up FOLDER, just what it contains.

8) After copying your files back, test the game again, check out one of the N'Hoods and see if everything is as it was before.

9) If all is fine, you can cut loose and kill the backups if you need the room, if you don't need the extra room - this is a great opportunity to start a regular back up using this as a basis

10) Always remember to check and double check you HAVE backed up everything. There is nothing worse than thinking its ok and realising your brain went on vacation and you didn't even know

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Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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